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Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University

Partnership Articulation Between
the College of International Education – Hong Kong Baptist University
and Montana State University


Hong Kong Baptist University and Montana State University are dedicated to the pursuit of a quality experience in education for the students whom they serve; their respective missions embrace the commitment to expand students’ horizons academically, intellectually, personally, professionally, and culturally.

Hong Kong Baptist University and Montana State University have long been celebrated for their twin legacies of academic excellence and tradition and, therefore, agree to enter into a partnership for the purpose of offering students with an associate degree from Hong Kong Baptist University and undergraduate degree completion program on the Montana State University campus.  The partnership provides not only an opportunity for academic growth and personal development through exposure to new learning experience, but also amplifies the acclaimed academic and historic reputations of both institutions.  Each institution will remain faithful to its commitment to the highest standard of excellence in education.


Hong Kong Baptist University and Montana State University agree that any student who has earned an associate degree from Hong Kong Baptist University may transfer credits up to a maximum of sixty-five units (each unit constitutes 15 contact hours of lecture) toward an undergraduate degree at Montana State University as specified in the Appendix. The graduation requirements for students who follow the attached articulation agreement are expressed as follows:
  1. Montana State University will issue a Letter of Acceptance to students who have satisfactorily completed the first year of studies in the Associate Degree Course at Hong Kong Baptist University.
  2. A maximum of 65 units (approximately 2-year of full-time study) may be transferred. The number of transfer credits and those specific courses accepted may vary between academic programmes and concentrations. Students must meet the admissions requirements of the academic programmes and concentrations in which they will be enrolled.
  3. Students must earn a total of at least 120 units (approximately 4-year of full-time study) including those transferred from Hong Kong Baptist University and must meet all program requirements in order to be considered a candidate for Montana State University undergraduate degree.
  4. Students from Hong Kong Baptist University will follow the same undergraduate catalog as native and regional transfer students of Montana State University and must complete all requirements stated therein.
  5. Special transfer arrangements which outline specific graduation requirements for particular academic programs available to Hong Kong Baptist University students may be established and attached as appendix to this Agreement.
For a look at the full Partnership Agreement Document please click here

Transfer Information:

Equivalency Chart – so you can personally assess your transfer credits to MSU (please also download the explanation document to help you read the Equivalency Chart!!)

As you will note in the above charts, all credits from Baptist CIE will earn transfer credit at MSU. Students can transfer into any program that MSU offers, however these are some of the more popular programs with specific Transfer Course Recommendations:
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Scholarship Information:

Partner Scholarships are awarded to students from Baptist, College of International Education. MSU will guarantee at least 1 scholarship of US$4,000 a year to a student from Baptist CIE. The scholarship winner for Baptist is selected by Ms Conny Chen based on:
  1. Grade Point Average
  2. minimum TOEFL score of a 195/525
  3. Good fit with MSU and academic program

Current Student Information:

There are currently no students from Baptist CIE at MSU.
Past Scholarship winners: None to date

Contact Information:

Ms Conny Y.B. Chen
Programme Administrator
College of International Education
(852)3411 2843

Elizabeth Blanchford
International Programs Specialist
Montana State University
Office of International Programs