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Malaysia: INTI College


Partnership Articulation Between
INTI College, Malaysia
and Montana State University

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made between INTI College and Montana State University for the purpose of promoting cooperation and further developing the friendly relationship between the two institutions. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and reciprocity, both institutions agree as follows:

Principles of Understanding

1. to encourage co-operation and interaction between respective staff, including inter-institution visits on occasion, staff development, academic publications and educational collaboration;

2. to pursue an articulation whereby Montana State University will accept qualified INTI College Associate Degree students into undergraduate degree programs.


  • Montana State University requires completion of 30 credit hours to enter year 2 and 60 credit hours to enter year 3 of either program.
  • INTI College students have the capability to fulfill all MSU core requirements.
  • Montana State University is prepared to offer admission to INTI graduates who will have a graduation grade point average of a 2.0 or above upon completion of the Associates Degree program.
  • English proficiency must be evaluated through:
    1. IELTS (6)
    2. TOEFL (71 iBT or 525 PBT)
    3. Student can petition for a waiver based upon excellent grades on INTI Associate Degree English courses and a description of prior English academic training.

    Transfer Credits Information

    You can can personally assess your transfer credits to MSU by checking the Transfer Equivalency Chart

    Scholarship Information

    Partner Scholarships are awarded to students from INTI College. MSU will guarantee at least 1 scholarship of US$4,000 a year to a student from each INTI campus: INTI- Subang; INTI-Nilai; INTI-Penang. The scholarship winner for each INTI campus is selected by your American Degree Program counselor based on:
    1. Grade Point Average
    2. Minimum TOEFL score of a 71 iBT or 525 PBT
    3. Good fit with MSU and academic program

    Application Instructions

    1. International Undergraduate Application for Admissions:

    A paper application can be downloaded and printed at:

    An online application may be submitted at:

    2. Application fee (nonrefundable): US$36 online application or US$30 paper application. The fee must be U.S. currency. Checks should be made payable to Montana State University. The application fee will not be waived, deferred or refunded. The fee must be paid before the application will be processed.

    3. Evidence of Financial Support

    Two documents must be turned in:

    a) International Student Financial Certificate: It guarantees the required minimum amount of money, in U.S. dollars, will be available to the student during the academic year. It is mandatory for each student and must be signed by the student and the student's sponsor. The financial certificate is included with the paper application or it can be downloaded with the online application and submitted separately.

    b) Bank Statement: this official document issued by the sponsor's bank shows the minimum required funds.

    4. English Language Proficiency

    There are several ways to proof your English proficiency:

    a) TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language administered by ETS): a minimum score of 71 iBT(525 Pbt, 195 Cbt)

    b) IELTS (administered by the British Council): a minimum score of 6.0

    5. Official transcript from INTI College

    For more information on Application Instructions

    Contact Information:

    Ms. Zaleha Haji Mohd Isa, Head
    Center for American Education
    Tel: 06-798-2000

    INTI-Subang Jaya
    Ms. Khor Kheng Leik, Dean
    Ms. Terrie Teoh, Head
    Center for American Education or
    Tel: 03-5623-2800

    Mr. Wong Teik Aun, Head
    Center for American Education

    Montana State University
    Geraldine Govaerts, International Programs Specialist
    Susan Reisch, Admissions Representative