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Japan: Japan College of Foreign Languages

Partnership Articulation Between
the Japan College of Foreign Languages
and Montana State University

In recognition of the mutual benefits of scholarly interaction, Japan College of Foreign Languages (JCFL) and Montana State University, on the principles of equality, mutual benefit, sincerity and credibility and through friendly consultation, enter into the following Agreement:

Montana State University and Japan College of Foreign Languages (JCFL) have established an articulation for the transfer of students and credit units earned at JCFL to MSU across the spectrum of academic programs.

Transfer Information:

Equivalency Chart so you can personally assess your transfer credits to MSU (please also download the explanation document to help you read the Equivalency Chart!!)

As you will note in the above charts, all credits from the Japan College of Foreign Languages will earn transfer credit at MSU. Students can transfer into any program that MSU offers. The document below will recommend your BEST course selection for easy transfer into MSU, no matter what your degree goal is! - Transfer Recommendation Guide

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Scholarship Information:

Partner Scholarships are awarded to students from the Japan College of Foreign Languages. MSU will guarantee at least 1 scholarship of US$4,000 a year to a student from JCFL. The scholarship winner for JCFL is selected by Mr Hidetoshi Matsuo based on:
  1. Grade Point Average
  2. minimum TOEFL score of a 195/525
  3. Good fit with MSU and academic program

Current Student Information:

We currently have no students from JCFL at MSU.
Scholarship winner Fall 2004:
Scholarship winner Spring 2005:
Next visit to JCFL campus: Fall 2005

Contact Information:

Mr Hidetoshi Matsuo
Course Manager, U.S. Study Course
International Education
(03)3988 8633

Elizabeth Blanchford
International Programs Specialist
Montana State University
Office of International Programs