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Malaysia: Nilai International College

Partnership Articulation Between
the American Degree Program at Nilai International College, Malaysia
and Montana State University

MSU representative Elizabeth Blanchford enjoys a
warm Nilai welcome from Ms Julie Blaskie and
future MSU students!
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made between Nilai International College of Malaysia’s American Degree Program and Montana State University for the purpose of promoting cooperation and the further development of a friendly relationship between the two institutions. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and reciprocity, both institutions agree as follows:

Principles of Understanding

1. to encourage co-operation and interaction between respective staff, including inter-institution visits on occasion, staff development, academic publications and educational collaboration;

2. to pursue an articulation whereby Montana State University will accept qualified American Degree Program students of Nilai International College into selected undergraduate degree programs.

The following table outlines the direct entry for suitably qualified ADP Nilai International College graduates into undergraduate degree programs offered by Montana State University.

Nilai International College Programs Progression into MSU Programs
Associate Degree Program in Biotechnology  Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology – Enter approximately the middle of year 2 in the Biotechnology program at MSU. All core courses can be fulfilled at Nilai. 
Associate Degree Program in Engineering  Bachelor of Science in Engineering – Enter approximately the middle of year 2 in Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Chemical and Computer Engineering programs at MSU. All core courses can be fulfilled at Nilai. 
Associate Degree Program in Business  Bachelor of Science in Business – Enter approximately the middle of year 2 in the Business program at MSU. All core courses can be fulfilled at Nilai and only a few Business lower division courses left to take at MSU. 
Associate Degree Program in Chemical Engineering  Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - Enter approximately the middle of year 2 in the Chemical Engineering program at MSU. All core courses can be fulfilled at Nilai. 

Associate Degree Program in Computing  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Enter approximately the middle of year 2 in the Computer Science program at MSU. All core courses can be fulfilled at Nilai. Note the lower division CS core requirements left to be filled at MSU.


  1. Montana State University requires completion of 30 credit hours to enter year 2 and 60 credit hours to enter year 3 of either program
  2. Nilai International College students have the capability to fulfill all MSU core requirements – see equivalency chart for specific details
  3. Because you are at an accredited institution all Nilai International College credits will transfer to MSU – see the Explanation of Course Equivalency Chart and Transfer Credit for details.
  4. Montana State University is prepared to offer admission to Nilai ADP graduates who will have a graduation grade point average of a 2.0 or above upon completion of the Associates Degree program.
  5. Other programs will be evaluated for equivalency as the partnership grows and students transfer to MSU. MSU will automatically evaluate any Nilai student applying to MSU no matter their program of study at Nilai.
  6. English proficiency must be evaluated through:
    1. IELTS (6)
    2. TOEFL (195/525)
    3. Student can petition for a waiver based upon excellent grades on Nilai International College Associate Degree English courses and a description of prior English academic training.
For a look at the full Partnership Agreement Document please click here

Nilai International College - MSU Rep. meets with
Ms Shakeela Mary, Mr Waihon Liew & students
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Transfer Information:
Equivalency Chart – so you can personally assess your transfer credits to MSU.
(please also download the explanation document to help you read the Equivalency Chart!!)

As you will note in the above charts, all credits from Nilai International College will earn transfer credit at MSU. Students can transfer into any program that MSU offers, however these are some of the more popular programs with specific Transfer Course Recommendations:

Scholarship Information:

Partner Scholarships are awarded to students from Nilai International College. MSU will guarantee at least 1 scholarship of US$4,000 a year to a student from Nilai. The scholarship winner for Nilai is selected by Ms Julie Blaskie based on:

  1. Grade Point Average
  2. Minimum TOEFL score of a 195/525
  3. Good fit with MSU and academic program

MSU Representative introduces Nilai College
students to new partner website.

Current Student Information:

We currently have 5 students from Nilai at MSU:
Christabel Faurillo
Sze Ching “Lui”
Jong Shan Yee
Lin Oo Aung
Shyam Shanmugam

Soo Mei Ching
Vanessa Fei
Sai Kah Foong

Also joining us this fall will be:
Mr Santosh Chandrabalan
Mr Paramjit Karan Singh
Ms Guat Way Lim

Scholarship winner Fall 2004: Mr Shyam Shanmugam
Scholarship winner Spring 2005: Soo Mei Ching
Scholarship winner Fall, 2005: Mr Santosh Chandrabalan
Next visit to Nilai Campus: Fall 2005

Contact Information:

Mr Waihon Liew
Asst Coordinator American & Canadian Programs
University Placement Center – Nilai Int'l College
(606)850 2338

Elizabeth Blanchford
International Programs Specialist
Montana State University
Office of International Programs

Visit the Nilai International College website