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Japan: Program of International Educational Exchange

Partnership Articulation Between
the Program of International Educational Exchange (PIEE)
and Montana State University

PIEE welcomes representative Elizabeth Blanchford
Spring 2005 - Mr Hiro Suzuki, Ms Juri Asakura,
and Ms Rie Kaga
Program of International Educational Exchange (PIEE) will act in making arrangements with Montana State University - Bozeman, for the admission, programming, counseling, living accommodations, and all financial matters pertaining to overseas study by Japanese undergraduate students coming from PIEE to Montana State University-Bozeman.

PIEE-sponsored students admitted to Montana State University-Bozeman will, after the Summer Intensive English Program, participate as full-time undergraduate students in regular degree seeking academic programs of the University and will have all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of regular students at Montana State University - Bozeman.

Students will attend Montana State University - Bozeman during the regular academic year (approximately nine (9) months). In subsequent years, students returning for continued study will attend the University during the regular academic year but may also attend any additional spring or summer courses at published rates.

PIEE will screen all applicants to this program on the basis of academic records, test scores, and other information. Montana State University-Bozeman will accept students for admission on the basis of academic information, recommendations, and other prescribed documents including financial statements, health certificate, and other documents provided by PIEE. The University expects that these students will be above average in both their past academic performance and their personal character, and that they will be highly recommended by PIEE. TOEFL requirements will be waived for PIEE-sponsored students who have successfully completed the PIEE/IES College Program.

The Summer Intensive English Program (SIEP) is held on the Fort Lewis College (FLC) campus and administered by FLC faculty and staff. The SIEP marks the culmination of the PIEE/IES College Program, and each student will be awarded transfer credits commensurate with the college level courses they complete at FLC, outside of the ESL program. MSU will not award credits for ESL courses. Montana State University-Bozeman is requested to accept the transfer of these college credits for each PIEE/IES student it accepts and to record these credits on the student’s transcript.

For a look at the full Partnership Agreement Document please click here

Transfer Information:

Equivalency Chart – so you can personally assess your transfer credits from summer at Fort Lewis College to MSU (please also download the explanation document to help you read the Equivalency Chart!!)

As you will note in the above charts, all credits from Fort Lewis College will earn transfer credit at MSU!

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Scholarship Information:

Partner Scholarships are awarded to students from the Program of International Educational Exhcange. MSU will guarantee at least 1 scholarship of US$4,000 a year to a student from PIEE. The scholarship winner for PIEE is selected by your program coordinator Mr Yoshihiro Suzuki based on:
  1. Grade Point Average
  2. minimum TOEFL score of a 195/525
  3. Good fit with MSU and academic program

Current Student Information:

Joining us for fall semester: Mr Hiroshi Akashi
Scholarship winner Spring 2005: Mr Hiroshi Akashi
Next visit to PIEE campus: Fall 2005

Contact Information:

Mr Yoshihiro Suzuki
03(3263) 1292

Elizabeth Blanchford
International Programs Specialist
Montana State University
Office of International Programs