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Partnership Articulation Between
Spokane Falls Community College
and Montana State University


Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) and Montana State University (MSU) enter into this Joint International Admissions (JIA) agreement so that international students enrolled in eligible associate's degree programs at SFCC will be conditionally admitted into a bachelor's degree program at MSU.
  1. To be guaranteed admission to MSU under this JIA agreement, international students must (a) enroll in the joint admission program as a current student at SFCC, (b) earn an associate degree in the prescribed curriculum at SFCC within three years of their initial matriculation at SFCC, (c) have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00, (d) meet all non-academic admission requirements for MSU, (e) and be a good fit for Montana State University and the undergraduate program selected.
  2. Courses taken by international students at SFCC shall satisfy course requirements in accordance with the Transfer Guide for Students from SFCC to MSU, which is attached as Exhibit B and incorporated into this JIA Agreement. Transfer credit for any SFCC course not listed in the Transfer Guide shall be granted at the discretion of the designee at MSU.
For a look at the full Partnership Agreement Document please click here

Registration for this program can take place at any time during your study at Spokane Falls Community College, however the earlier you decide the more our advisors can help you select the best courses at Spokane Falls CC for your particular major. The process is simple, just complete the Intent to Enroll Form found here and submit it to your counselor for approval and submission.

Transfer Information:

Equivalency Chart so you can personally assess your transfer credits from Spokane Falls Community College to MSU
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Scholarship Information:

Partner Scholarships are awarded to international students from Spokane Falls Community College. MSU will guarantee at least 1 scholarship of US$4,000 a year to a student from Spokane Falls CC. The scholarship winner for SFCC is selected by your program coordinator Dr Tom Patterson based on:
  1. Grade Point Average
  2. minimum TOEFL score of a 195/525
  3. Good fit with MSU and academic program

Current Student Information:

We currently have no students from Spokane Falls CC.
Scholarship winner Fall 2004:
Scholarship winner Spring 2005:
Upcoming visits to your institution: To be determined.

Contact Information:

Dr Tom Patterson
Programme Administrator
Assistant Dean for International Programs

Elizabeth Blanchford
International Programs Specialist
Montana State University
Office of International Programs