women at lake, top left. family on rafting trip, bottom right.

Bozeman is a lively and young city with more activities available than anyone can hope to do in his or her free time. In larger cities, the night spots and options for fun are more obvious, so the following guide is provided to give some suggestions, especially for newcomers, about things to do on campus, in Bozeman, and in the immediate area. Out of respect for the limitations of student budgets, most activities are low or no-cost. Please consider this a collection of ideas, not an endorsement of any particular activity or business. Suggestions for items to add to this guide and comments are always welcome. Just e-mail globalstudy@montana.edu to give your input.

Good sources of information about what's happening in Bozeman include: The This Week section of the Friday edition of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle lists movies, music and art shows in town each week. The Tributary is a free, monthly paper that has a calendar of activities and events, along with interesting articles by local writers. You can find it and also The Bozone and Explore! Magazine, which are similar, at grocery stores, the Mall, and at many coffeehouses and restaurants.

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