Visit our Summer Programs Abroad page to learn more about short-term Faculty-led programs

Nationwide, faculty-led study courses abroad are increasing in number, a response to their popularity with nontraditional and working students unable to leave home for a semester or year abroad. The courses are typically offered in the summer, however, winter interim programs are also possible. Course length and credit load varies, although most courses are designed to spend 3 to 7 weeks abroad and carry 3 or 7 credit hours.

Remember: OIP can help you create your program; when you lead a study-abroad program through OIP, we can help you with your budget, travel, faculty compensation, promotion, and other logistics.  

When you are ready to begin the process, please contact the Office of International Programs at (406) 994-4031.

The basic process for securing approval and developing a Short-Term Faculty-led Study Abroad Program is outlined below.

  1. Prepare a proposal for the program and location(s) where you would like to lead students (includes preliminary description, budget, syllabus, and timeline).
  2. Receive approval from the following:
    1. Department Head
    2. College Dean
    3. Office of International Programs
  3. Finalize budget, syllabus and itinerary
  4. Agree on timeline and marketing strategy
  5. Marketing and promotion of your program
  6. Particpate in Faculty Orientation Seminar
  7. Review and evaluate applicant pool
  8. Orientation sessions with your students

Getting started

OIP encourages the creation of new faculty-led study abroad programs and has staff on hand to help. We can offer asssitance related to:

  • program design
  • budgeting
  • student recrutiment, interviewing, and advising
  • advertising
  • visa management
  • pre- and post-sojourn orientation
  • evaluation
  • in-country logisitics (travel, lodging, events, classrooms)
  • credit brokerage
  • emergency assistance
  • money management
  • transportation ticketing
  • international ID cards
  • record keeping
  • health and saftey

If you are interested in developing and leading a program abroad, please contact:

Office of International Programs
(406) 994-4031