Groups and Organizations

Global Culture Club Welcomes You!

The Global Culture Club (GCC) is an organization for American and International students alike.  The GCC is a student body club that represents the international students and strives to cater to the needs of all Montana State University students by establishing a friendly multicultural society.  It is a well-recognized organization within Montana State University, currently representing over 700 students from 75 different countries.

For more information, please contact Deborah Chiolero by email or calling 406-994-7722.

Bozeman Friends of International Students (BFIS)

Share your culture while learning about another!

The Bozeman Rotary Club joins Montana State University in welcoming students from over 65 countries to the Gallatin Valley. Recognizing the contributions of international students to the community and the chance to promote understanding and relations between people of different nations, the Bozeman Rotary Club and MSU Office of International Programs invite community members to be a part of Bozeman Friends of International Students (BFIS).

BFIS is a voluntary program that was established to encourage friendship with international students and to allow them to get a closer experience of "the American way of life."  Matches of students and families or individuals are made according to stated interests and preferences to the extent possible.  Ideally, a lasting friendship forms between the community member(s) and student.  There are unlimited ways to build a friendship. Getting together at least once per month is suggested.  Some typical activities for BFIS members are: sightseeing- lunch, dinner or coffee- attending a cultural or sports event- celebrating a birthday or holiday together. To become involved, contact Susan Reisch by email at or by phone at 994-6462 with any questions. BFIS matches will be made promptly and notification will be given by phone or mail.

Conversation Partners

American students and Bozeman community members are invited to volunteer for the Conversation Partners program. The program is managed through the American Cultural Exchange (A.C.E.) Language Institute on the MSU campus and works to match native English speakers with international students who are studying English as a Second Language at the Institute. The Conversation Partners program allows students to practice their conversational English skills one-on-one in a non-classroom setting. Volunteers are asked to commit at least one hour per week to the program and should be available for at least a five-week period (the length of one session at the Language Institute).

Prospective volunteers can contact Paul Swift at the Language Institute (; 585-9832, 1106 S. 6th Street) for an application form. Information is collected from both the volunteer and the international student so that they can be matched with regard to their schedules and interests. Once partners are assigned, they are invited to meet at the Language Institute office for a preliminary introduction, and from that point on they can arrange their own time and place for meeting. English practice can take place over coffee, while hiking or shopping, or in many other settings. Participation in Conversation Partners can be a rewarding experience and the beginning of an international friendship!

ESL and American Culture Class for Spouses

English for Speakers of Other Languages and American Civics classes are offered throughout the year, except for in the summer months, at the beginning and intermediate levels. The classes are inexpensive and are offered through the Bozeman Adult Learning Center. To take a placement test and enroll, please contact the Adult Learning Center (1218 Durston Street, 585-8673).

Classes are offered in the mornings and evenings for 8-week sessions and are designed to increase English language proficiency and provide instruction to support learners in all aspects of life in the United States. Beginning classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings or Wednesday evenings. Intermediate classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Tuesday evenings. In addition to classroom instruction, students will be matched with conversation partners to allow further practice language skills. For the $20 enrollment fee, students may attend more than one of the class sections at the appropriate level.

Other International Student Groups

Chinese Students & Scholars Association

Leader:  Yalan Lin

PURPOSE: To provide friendly service for all Chinese students and their family at MSU; to promote international communication between Chinese and other cultures.

French Club

Advisor: Ada Giusti , Dept. of Modern Languages -

Phone: 994-6442

PURPOSE: To provide a place for language practice & to promote knowledge of Francophone cultures

German Club

President: Ankur Saxena,

Phone: 599-8347

Advisor: Marc James Mueller,

Phone: 994-5502

PURPOSE: To further students' knowledge of German culture and improve their ability to communicate in German.

German Club Facebook page

Indian Student Association

President: Mayank Garg,

PURPOSE: To provide support and a platform for friendship to all current and incoming Indian students during their tenure at MSU.

International Business Club

President & Co-President: Caroline Benson & Kaci Shea

Advisors: Lori Lawson & Lenka Beranova 

PURPOSE: The International Business Club's mission is to create awareness among its club members for the understanding and appreciation of today's dynamic global business environment. This will be achieved through the interaction and sharing of knowledge and experience among students, faculty and members of the business community.

Japanese Club

Advisor: Yuka Hara Phone: 994-5136

PURPOSE: To further students' knowledge of Japan and its culture.

Malaysian Student Organization

President: Leon Rujie Chan - 


Advisor: Deborah Chiolero -

Phone: 994-7722

PURPOSE: To provide a place for Malaysian students to feel at home, and to share our culture with non-Malaysians.

Muslim Student Association

Advisor: Dr. Ruhul Amin, Mechanical Engineering Phone: 994-6295

PURPOSE: To provide weekly meetings and frequent activities (dinners, BBQs, soccer, Eid Festival and Ramadan activities) for Muslim students.

Saudi Club

President: Abdulhadi Alqahtani -

Advisor: Deborah Chiolero -

Phone: 994-7722

PURPOSE: To provide support for all Saudi students to feel at home, and to share Saudi culture with the Bozeman community.

Spanish Club

Leader: Avram Pitter -


Advisor: Katharina Frank Bernstein,

Phone: 994-5136

PURPOSE: To increase interest and involvement in the knowledge and life of Latin American arts, literature, music and current events

Turkish Club

Advisor: James Meyer,

Phone: 994-6798

PURPOSE: To provide support and a platform for friendship to all current and incoming Turkish students during their tenure at MSU and to share Turkish culture with the community.

For a complete listing of student organizations on campus, visit the MSU Office of Student Activities.