About the Fund

The Faculty International Research and Development Fund supports MSU faculty and professional staff to conduct international research and creative activities abroad and to contribute to the development of MSU's on-campus international teaching, research and engagement initiatives. The Fund provides grants up to $5,000. The Fund sponsors two competitions per year and funding decisions are made by a peer review committee composed of the Associate Provost of International Programs and MSU faculty. The Fund is capitalized by indirect cost contributions (IDCs) from grants awarded to the Office of International Programs.

Each competitive round has a theme or regional emphasis. Proposals addressing either the competition theme or regional emphasis are given preference. The Fund also gives preference to proposals which include departmental cost-sharing .

For Fall 2016/Spring 2017 the regional emphasis is Latin America. Proposals focusing on a research/creative activity involving international partners or topics in Latin America will be given preferred consideration.

Spring 2017 proposals are due February 17, 2017 and Award Announcements will be made on March 3, 2017.

Since its inception the fund has awarded almost $100,000 to 70 faculty and professional staff. Our projects are:

Faculty Name
Johnston, Glen 1997 F Music Germany Germany hunting horn
Martell, Richard 1997 F Psychology Georgia Market economy transition & ethnic strife
Thomas, David 1997 F Mathematics Russia Earth system materials
Wells, Michael 1997 F Mechanical Engineering New Zealand Graduate teaching in-service
Smith, Robert 1997 F Art Japan Photograph art studios
Myers, Michael 1997 S Modern Languages Germany Journalism and science fiction
Raymond, Bruce 1997 S Business Multiple People to people exchange
Schmodt, Jay 1997 S Art and architecture Mexico Ceramics workshop
Rydell, Robert 1997 S History and Phylosophy France Book research
Young, Greg 1997 S Music Multiple Initiation interdisciplinary course in A&A
Zauha, Jan 1997 S Libraries Multiple Electronic information management
Semones, Linda 1997 S Modern Languages Ecuador Ecuador exhange project
Eggert, Norman 1998 S Mathematics Kazakihstan Gain teaching position
Fisher, John W 1998 S Sociology and antropology Namibia Field research
Good, Jonathan E 1998 S Music Britain Guest conductor and lecturer
Montagne, Clifford 1998 S Plant and soil science Mongolia Community development of three bioregions
Noel, Joanne 1998 S Art Spain On site research of monuments 
Obbink, Kim 1998 S Burns Technology Center Argentina Exploratory partnership
Peterson, Elanie 1998 S Libraries Germany How best to deliver electronic information
Volkersz, Willem 1998 F Art Bali Special programes to study arts and culture
Christopher, John 1998 F Health and human Dev. Multiple Psychology of well being
Caditz, David 1998 F Physics Argentina Distance education development 
Butterfield, Philip 1999 S Biofilm engeneering Multiple Research and information about water biofilm
Dent, Jimmie 1999 S Civil engeneering France Research and consult 
Jonsson, Johan 1999 S Music Italy Historical research in italian renaissance
Smith, Vincent H. 1999 S Agriculture Multiple Research for alternative crop insurance programes
Tobias, Ronald 1999 S Art Sweden Film program and student internship
York, Victoria 1999 S Libraries Brazil Writing basic textbooks on electronic info sources
Dunkel, Florence 1999 F Entomology Mali Research mentoring in Mali
Hill, Christopher 1999 F Museum of the Rockies Egypt Geological Research
Kevane, Bridge 1999 F Modern Languages Peru Research Peruvian Chronicler
Leech, Karen 1999 F Music England Concert performances
Scheerer, David 1999 F Media and Theater Germany/Scotland Research on production of films on findings
Cripps, Cathy 2000 S Plant and soil science Switzerland Alpine fungi research
Helzer, Richard 2000 S Art Italy Italian art study abroad program development
Johnson, Jerry 2000 S Political science Turkey Exchange opportunities
Llewellyn, Clark 2000 S Architecture Korea Exchange opportunities
O'Donnell, Victoria 2000 S Honors England/Scotland Exchange opporunities
Baumbauer, David 2001 S Agriculture Multiple Cultivation program
Liu, Jian-yi 2001 S Earth Science China A case study  of Beijing
Smith, Robert 2001 S Art and architecture England Printmaking
Stein, Otto 2001 S Civil engineering New Zealand Enhancing Exchange between MSU and U of Canterbury
Ni, Xinzhi 2002 F Entomology China Integrated wheat pest management
Rupavatharam, Krishna 2002 F Physics Sweden Quantum information processing with rare earth crystals
Karahan, Sitki 2002 F Business Turkey Turco Islamic studies focus at MSU
Sears, John 2002 F Chemical engineering New Zealand Collaboration
Perkins, Steve 2003 S Civil engineering Norway Research and teaching
McGlynn, Brian 2003 S Agriculture Amazon Mentored research and teaching
O'Donnell, Victoria 2003 S Honors Ireland Irish rebellion of 1798
Carter, Denise 2003 S Art Scotland Thistle and wool research
Aig, Dennis 2004 F Art Mediterranean European deep water wrecks
Bailey, Sandra 2004 F Health & Human Development Ukraine Supporting older children of intl adoptions
Croy, Elizabeth 2004 F Art China Concert tour of Beijing and Xi'an
Dickensheets, David 2005 S Electrical Engineering Switzerland Nano-optics and MOEMS
Klapper, Isaac 2005 S Mathematics England Computational biofilm modeling
Brody, Michael 2005 F Education Morocco Science and ecological education project
Gerlach, Robin 2005 F Biofilm engeneering Germany Re-igniting student exchanges and research collaborations
Frick, Marty 2006 S Agriculture Croatia Joint Croatian agribusiness curriculum
Gibson, Susan 2006 S WWAMI Mongolia WWAMI medical program students to Mongolia
Borkowski, John 2006 F Mathematics Thailand Research and exchange
Thompson, John 2006 F Modern Languages Argentina Politics of memory
Beaubois, Terry 2008 S Architecture Spain Virtual technology
Austin, Eric 2008 S Political science Ukraine Natural resource management
Amin, Ruhul 2011 S Mechanical/Industrial Engin Bangladesh Collaborative research
Byker, Carmen 2011 F Health & Human Development Cuba Health Equity and Community Engagement in Cuba
Burkle, Laura 2011 F Ecology Iceland Ecological effects of an invasive species
Szilagyi, Robert 2016 S Chemistry Hungary/Japan Dual degree programs in PhD in Chemistry
Lageson, David 2016 S Earth Sciences Nepal Field research, Graduate program development
Kwapisz, Agnieszka          2016       F           Business                               Poland Business Incubators
Rink, Elizabeth                    2016       F           Health & Human Development Finland Sami health research

Dunkel, Florence             

2016       F           Entomology Italy Food security, Insect-human  disease



All members of the faculty and professional staff at MSU-Bozeman are eligible to submit proposals to the Fund. Applicants must anticipate remaining at MSU in a faculty or professional staff position for the duration of the project submitted.

Funding Amounts

The Fund will provide up to $5,000 for each project supported. Awards not used within one year will be recycled back into the Faculty Fund for redistribution.

Cost-Sharing Requirements

To be eligible for funding, the applicant is encouraged to demonstrate cost-sharing commitments from the applicant's college, academic department, or other source at least equal to the amount requested. Confirmation from the applicant's college or department should be submitted along with the application. Applicants may use grants and other non-MSU funds as cost-sharing with appropriate documentation. Personal resources may also be used but are a less desirable source of cost-sharing. A departmental letter of support must also accompany a proposal using personal or non-departmental resources as cost-sharing. 

Activities Supported

The Fund will provide support for all activities related to projects meeting the requirements specified. Applications will not be considered for the purpose of attending international conferences or meetings unless such activities can take place as part of the activities an applicant wishes to undertake, so long as they are not the primary purpose of the proposal. In addition, the Fund will not normally provide funds to meet the cost of individuals other than MSU faculty and professional staff, even if they are involved in an approved project of an eligible MSU applicant.

Fund Priorities: Research & International Program Development

The Fund has two primary objectives both of which must be addressed in each proposal:

  1. The Fund supports the enhancement of the international expertise of the MSU faculty and professional staff. This objective is best achieved by assisting the faculty and staff to conduct international research or other kinds of academic creative activities. All proposals must include research and/or a creative activity as a substantial element. The research or creative activity must have a substantial international dimension. This can take the form of activity undertaken abroad or activity which is international by virtue of its subject matter or content. All applications to the Fund should fully discuss the nature of the research and/or creative activity proposed and the international nature of this work.
  2. In addition to research and creative activities, the Fund seeks to contribute to the further development of MSU international programs. The Fund will give priority to proposals which involve cooperative activities with MSU's international partner institutions, contribute to the development of new, desirable, approved, sister-institution partnerships, or are submitted by individuals serving in leadership roles relating to the internationalization of their college or department.


The Faculty International Research and Development Fund Application Form and Guidelines can be downloaded and printed in Adobe Acrobat format or emailed to you as attachments by contacting rudman@montana.edu.

Application Checklist

Please use the following checklist before submitting a proposal. Applications with missing components will be disqualified. If you have any questions about how to satisfactorily fulfill the following requirements for your proposal, please call Yvonne Rudman (994-4032) for consultation prior to submission.

Application must include:

  • An application received on or before the application deadline. 
  • A request for under $5,000, preference given to requests for approximately $1,700.
  • Description of both the international research and program development activities.
  • Defined work plan and timeline.
  • Principal investigator curriculum vitae (Short version).
  • International partner identification and email or letter verification of the collaboration. 
  • Budget with defined expenses and cost-sharing amounts.
  • Cost-sharing support letter from College or Department, external grantor, or foreign partner. If personal resources are used, please identify them as such. Letter from department is still required when personal funds are used as cost-sharing. Preference given to applications with MSU cost-sharing.

Review and Selection

A revolving committee of MSU faculty and staff meet to review the proposals and make FIRPRD awards. Members of the committee serve an average of two rounds after which new members are invited to serve on the committee. If you are interested in becoming involved in the review and award process, please contact Yvonne Rudman at 994-4032. Committee members are briefed about Fund goals, priorities, and requirements and make awards based on the merit of the proposal and accuracy of the application. The degree of competitiveness varies from round to round depending on the number of proposals submitted, the amount of funds requested, and how cost-sharing requirements have been met by the current pool of applicants.

Awardee Responsibilities

If you are successful in obtaining a Faculty International Research and Program Development award, you will receive an award letter from the Office of International Programs on or before the award dates listed below. The email will inform you about how award funds are dispersed.

If for any reason a proposed project must be canceled after an award has been made, you should notify the Office of International Programs. Your award will be voided and funds will be returned to the Faculty International Research and Program Development account for faculty awards in the next round. Faculty must use funds within one year of the award date, and are entitled to funds for completed projects only. Faculty have the responsibility of returning 100% of awarded funds that were spent on incomplete projects.

After the completion of a project, faculty will submit a brief summary of the project's activities and outcomes and a financial summary for how awarded funds were spent. This should be accomplished within three months of project completion.


Application Deadlines

SPRING 2017: February 17, 2017


For assistance, please contact:

Yvonne Rudman
Director for International Partnerships and Grants
Office of International Programs


Award Announcements:

SPRING 2017: March 3, 2017

Kwapisz, Agnieszka         2016       F              Business                              Poland                  Business incubators