Montana State University

Germany: Language and Culture

Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, and Prague

Location: Germany and Czech Republic


Dates: July 13 - August 17, 2013

Language: German and English

Eligibility: Both MSU and non-MSU students


Level: Undergraduate

Subjects:This 6-week, faculty led program brings MSU students to the German capital Berlin, the place where many dramatic chapters of European history in the 20th century were shaped. The program entails a 4- week intensive language course at a language institute at the heart of the former East-Berlin (individual placement according to entry level), and a seminar taught by both a native West- and a native East- German MSU faculty member (taught in English language). The seminar will provide students with first-hand insights on different—sometimes opposing—perspectives on German and European history, politics and cultures spanning from the early 20th century to the new millennium. Thereby, one emphasis will be on how German art and writing reflected differing forms of society from the 1900s on
to the German division and later the post-wall era of unified Germany.

The program is complemented by a variety of field trips in Berlin leading students to the vary locations where history took place, as well as visits at world-wide renown museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. The last week of the program will be spent on a city tour from Leipzig via Dresden to Prague visiting some of the most important places for German/European art as for political and societal
change in the 20th century. Here, students can experience a particular 'Eastern' perspective on German and European history and culture.

Prerequisites: 2.5 GPA, interview by Faculty

Credits: 6 undergraduate

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Application Deadline: March 8, 2013

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'Checkpoint Charlie' in Berlin                                                                  One section of the Berlin Wall


Additional Information
For additional information about this program, contact:

  • Marc Mueller, Faculty; 406.994.5502;
  • Kevin Brustuen , OIP; 406.994.7512;