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Limerick: Engineering Design & International Energy


Country:      Limerick, Ireland 

Dates:  to be determined yet

 Language: English                                                                                                           

Level(s): Undergraduate


2.5 GPA

Instructor consent via interview process

CHMY 121 or 141; M 166 or 172 (or instructor consent)

Pursuing B.S. in Engineering

Courses offered: EGEN 310R: Multidisciplenary Engineering Design (4 Credits)

     ICS 491: Intercultural Studies--International Energy Engineering ( 3 credits)



Cost:  Estimated $4400 (does not include airfare)



Academic Program:

Spend a month in Limerick Ireland as you experience Irish Culture while earning 7 credits.  Led by Dr. Paul Gentile, MSU Professor, you will tour engineering and cultural sites across Ireland and Montana, complete the COE required course EGEN 310R at the University of Limerick and earn three additional intercultural studies credits towards your International Engineering Certificate.


The University of Limerick will be offering a $1000 scholarship to one MSU student. Students interested in applying for this will need to have a GPA of over 3 and will also need to submit a 500-700 word personal statement on why they wish to study in Ireland as part of the Engineering Summer School and how it fits with their overall career objectives.


University of Limerick Summer School Brochure (click to open)


MSU Summer 2013 Ireland Engineering Flyer (click to open)



Application Deadline: January 31, 2014

Application Information and Forms: Click to access Application Instructions


Funding Sources: Follow this link to find sources to help finance your study abroad trip


For additional information about this program, contact:

  • Paul Gentile, MSU Engineering Faculty,, 406-994-6447
  • Kevin Brustuen, OIP Program Coordinator, ,  406-994-7512