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Morocco Spring Break: Voyage & Discovery in the Francophone World

March 5 - March 16, 2015

Location: Upper Atlas Mountains Morocco


Project Coordinates:   31◦ 50’ 16.90” N, 6◦ 06’ 38.72” W


Eligibility: 2.5 GPA and interview


Program Overview:

Pascale Hickman and Ada Giusti, instructors of French in the Modern Language Program at Montana State University, lead students to the village of Zawiya Ahansal in the Upper Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  This Berber village hosts the students who will work with the students in vaious hands-on expereinces, including French readings, language, discussion, and more.

Application Materials:  Click on the "Application Forms" link below to download the necessary forms to complete your registration. Download this file and unzip the forms. Please print the forms, fill them out completely, and return them to Kevin Brustuen at 406 Culbertson Hall.  These forms need to be returned by January 10, 2015.

Application Forms



For more Information:

Pascale Hickman: 406.994.6444;

Kevin Brustuen (OIP): 406.994.7512;