How to Enter

  1. Complete this entry form
  2. Take at least 5 pictures from the MSU Photo Scavenger Hunt List below before Monday, January 29th. 
  3. Submit your scavenger hunt pictures by sharing them with us on Instagram.
    1. Upload your pictures to Instagram and tag @msubobcatsabroad
    2. When posting your pictures to Instagram, use the specific hashtags listed for each MSU Photo Scavenger Hunt entry
      *If you want to enter but don't have an Instagram account, send your photos to

The MSU Study Abroad Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts will re-post some of the MSU Photo Scavenger Hunt pictures. Follow us to see if your pictures are shared!


People who enter the contest by completing the entry form will be eligible to win a prize given away at the end of the contest. A few special prizes will be drawn at random from the entries for people who complete all MSU Photo Scavenger items. There will also be one prize giveaway for most creative photo entry.

MSU Photo Scavenger Hunt List

Use the MSU Campus Map, the MSU Building Directory, and your friendly MSU community to help you get to the photo locations listed below. Remember to ask before taking selfies or pictures with people. Creativity is ALWAYS encouraged :)

Take a picture of you or a friend . . . 

  1. Asking a question at the Strand Union Building's Ask Us Desk. #MSUSUB #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  2. Making the thumbs up sign in front of the "Noodle Statue."  #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MSUThumbsUp
  3. Reading the latest issue of Mountains and Minds, the Montana State University Magazine. #MountainsandMinds #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  4. Using a fitness machine at the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center. #MSUFitnessCenter #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  5. Standing in the "stacks" (rows and rows of book shelves) at Renne Library. #MSULibrary  #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  6. Selfie with Spirit the Bobcat. #MSUSpirit #MSUBobcatsAbroad
  7. Waiting at a University Streamline bus stop. #MSUStreamline #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  8. Trying a new dish at Miller Dining Hall.  #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MillerDining
  9. Holding up your favorite Bobcat gear at the MSU Bookstore. #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MSUBookstore
  10. Making a duckface at the MSU duckpond. Bonus points if there is a duck photobombing your picture.  #MSUDuckPond #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  11. Showing school spirit with Champ, the MSU mascot. #MSUBobcatsAbroad#MSUChamp
  12. Visiting a classroom where one of your classes will be held this semester. The picture should include the door sign with the classroom number. #MSUClass #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  13. Reading over the shoulder of Walt Whitman on a bench in the courtyard of MSU's Wilson Hall. #ReadingWithWalt #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  14. Reading the Student Health Services Office hours posted outside the office. #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MSUHealth
  15. Giving a high-five to someone wearing MSU blue and gold or bobcat gear on campus. #BobcatGreeting #MSUBobcatsAbroad
  16. Outside the Student Accounts Office. #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MSUStudents
  17. Selfie with a dinosaur at the Museum of the Rockies. #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MuseumoftheRockies
  18. Testing out some gear at the Outdoor Recreation Office. #MSUOutdoors #MSUBobcatsAbroad 
  19. Checking out the University Post Office. #MSUMail #MSUBobcatsAbroad
  20. Cheering on your MSU women's basketball team at a home game or your MSU men's basketball team at International Night. #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MSUBobcatBball
  21. Dropping in for a free cup of coffee with the Office of Student Engagement. #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MSUOSE
  22. Getting ready to hike or snowshoe at a local trail head.  #MSUBobcatsAbroad#MSUHike
  23. Hopping on the chairlift at the "Lift Tower," the student sculpture located in front of Haynes Hall. #MSUBobcatsAbroad #MSULiftTower
  24. Showing us your favorite thing about MSU so far! #MSUFavorite #MSUBobcatsAbroad