The forms below are for group travel purposes as required by the MSU International Travel Policy.

Form Description Deadline?
Emergency Communication Plan

Form that details communication between University and group leaders abroad in the event of any emergency.

60 days prior to departure

International Travel Registry Online travel registry for all international travelers. Collect itinerary, electronic copy of passport, electronic copy of insurance card, and emergency contact information prior to starting registry.

60 days prior to departure

International Travel Plan / Detailed Itinerary Detailed plan of the international travel for groups. Includes detailed itinerary with addresses and contact information for each location visited. Also includes contact information for all contractors, accommodations, travel agencies, etc.  30 days prior to departure

Minor Consent Form

Unaffiliated Traveler Acknowledgement of Risk and Approval Forms

Guidelines for Inclusion of Minors, Family Members and Unaffiliated Travelers. Special approvals are required for any participant or traveler accompanying university group international travel that is a family member, minor, or not current MSU faculty, staff, or student at the time of travel. 60 days prior to departure
Faculty/Staff Incident Report Form if group leader (faculty/staff) is involved in any incident abroad, including vehicle loss, personal injury, MSU property damage, and cyber/security incident. As needed
Student Incident Report Form if a student participating in international group travel is involved in any incident abroad, including personal injury, accident, arrest, property damage, etc. As needed
Incident Report for Student Dismissal Form if group leader needs to dismiss student(s) during international travel.  As needed