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The most exciting news thus far!

Last week there was a big festival in Kumamoto. There was a big parade with tons of people. There were these huge workhorses being paraded around. It was kind of intense because they would try and get the horses angry … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather

Don’t let these photos fool you… On my way to the market at Waterlooplein with my roommate Daniel on saturday, we expected a nice bike ride in the sunshine.  Out of nowhere, about half-way to the market, a storm emerged … Continue reading

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Tour in the Tunnels

This week, our culture class did a bunch of tours in the city of Marburg.  A few of them, my class had to organize ourselves.  We researched different buildings and famous people from Marburg, and we led our fellow students … Continue reading

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Mt. Aso and Home stay.

There has been a ton going on the last couple days! All this week I have been doing various things for orientation to get ready for school to start tomorrow. I mailed my bike to over to Japan, I have … Continue reading

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Time Warp

These past few weeks in immersion language class, I have felt like a small child going through her first days of kindergarten.  Do you remember those days-  learning about the seasons, colors, shapes?  Yeah, that’s where I am right now. . .sort of.  Our … Continue reading

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life down under

Hey guys, sorry its been awhile since i have blogged last. Nothing has been really happening lately, just the normal wake up eat brekke (breakfast) and head to class. I will give you an example of one of my weeks … Continue reading

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Pride in Amsterdam

Flamboyant and Fun. The first weekend I was in Amsterdam, the yearly Gay Pride parade was the talk of the town.  The taxi driver that took me to my hotel the first night I arrived told me that everyone goes. … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

Breakfast is a small meal, usually only a coffee and a roll with butter, cheese, jam, or manjar (a.k.a., “dulce de leche,” or caramel cream), depending on the day. After breakfast, I take a micro (bus) to the university, because … Continue reading

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Arrival in Val-lluvia

I finally arrived in Valdivia, Chile, after 22 hours of flying, 12 hours of sitting at the bus station in Santiago with a friend I met on Facebook beforehand, and an 11-hour bus ride. Valdivia is a compact city of … Continue reading

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The Argentinean Adventure: August

The beginning of the August kicked off with a bang for me, as one of my roommates Jonathan, from Quebec, and I traveled with two girls, Marie-Ève, from Quebec, and Annalena, from Germany. They all had put the trip together … Continue reading

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