108. see the Mona Lisa… check!

So after spending a few nights in paris, missing several trains to Venice, attempting to make it to Milano, missing two trains in Milano, meeting another lost seattlelite in Milano(including myself), finally making it to Roma (Rome), and now I am in Siena. Although I was only in Roma for less than 12 hours, I could feel the history and vast culture, maybe it was the 500 year old cobblestone I was standing on. Can hardly wait to go back.

After meeting my schoolmates in the Roma International airport, we were off by bus to the tuscan hills. It would be a three hour bus ride until I would meet my host family. My schoolmates are from pretty much everywhere in the states. Some with international backgrounds, but almost all are enrolled students in state universities.

We were called one-by-one off the bus to greet our Italian families. My name and a fellow student (Mike – The New Yorker) who I’d be rooming with walked off the bus, and a middle aged couple were there to greet us. After stuffing our overpacked american suitcases into the tiny Fiat, we were off! My new home is a condo right outside the city walls. It’s a traditional complex with a beautiful garden and back patio right outside our room.

After meeting their son Felipe, we had a three course Italian meal (incredible), and I was stuffed beyond belief. I am officialy moved in and ready to begin my Italian course and learn the neighborhood. My roommate is pretty much fluent in Italian, so I certainly have some incentive to start school a little early. It’s a bit quiet on my end of the dinner table. lol.

It’s now 9pm and time to clock out for the day. fading as I type. Ciao!

oh P.S. gotta tell a lil story. Met a cute girl in Paris, went out for a nice little dinner. Were both english so the menu was no help. Closed our eyes and randomly chose. Guess what I got? No go ahead… Well I’ll first just say I ate the whole plate b4 knowing what it was, but yeah… Pig intestines. Pretty fancy place too, who would of knew the French were into that. I do now! bringing my dictionary to the table next time. K. the end.

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4 Responses to 108. see the Mona Lisa… check!

  1. Jon-Michael Mooney says:

    bro I miss you. Sounds amazing. You’re photos are looking so sharp man, I’m envious I can’t be there with you shooting and enjoying the culture! Keep up on your blogging man, its good to see you’re adventures!

  2. Mark Van Hollebeke says:

    Great stuff, Zach! Keep the stories and pics coming. We are all loving it. …and it looks like you are, too!

  3. Rhonda Yeoman says:


    LOVE THE PICS and the restaurant story rocked! I am so happy for you.
    Have fun and know that we’re so excited for you! I’m at your Mom’s right now.
    Love you Honey!


  4. Kelly Rodriguez says:

    We finally got around to looking at your blog, and your photos are absolutely amazing! We are so jealous, it looks absolutely beautiful there! Enjoy yourself and keep us updated!

    Kelly & Adam

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