4 days… incredible

As it’s only been 4 days in Europe, I can confidently say… I had no idea what I was missing. I spent two days in London, and now I’m on my second day in Paris. School starts on September 5th, and I will continue to Travel through Venice and then on to Rome in the meantime. The people, food, scenery, etc has all been surreal. It becomes numbing after a while, there is so much to see everywhere you go. Paris is only a two hour train ride from London, but it’s soooo different! No where in the US (that I’ve been), can you find such an opposing dense culture. Almost everyone I’ve met has been more than just polite or kind.

The language barrier is easily overcomed if your willing to attempt a word or phrase in their language. You quickly get used to speaking with your hands. Seeing that I was in London yesterday, none of this was a problem. But after spending several hours meeting french, german, serbian, and many more people under the Eiffel tower last night, I realized how universal your hands are. It was a Wednesday, but for some reason, there were hundreds of people drinking wine, eating/cooking good food, dancing,  and just having a good time under the Eiffel tower, in the dark. The tower was lit up, but for the most part, it was a normal local gathering, and it was amazing.

K. well I’ll try and keep these posts short and sweet. grammar may slip a little here and there because I’m in a rush. So much too see, don’t want to sit on the comp all day. Thanks for reading. I’ll be posting pictures and videos shortly. Cheers.

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  1. Monda Van Hollebeke says:

    Dear Zach,
    What wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for including them in your blog. I love the one of you taking your own picture of you taking a picture. You are a clever guy!
    Was the top picture of London and the Thames River? It is absolutely beautiful! I hope you’ve made it safely to Venice and Rome by now. Isn’t Rome spectacular? A photographer’s dream (and a film student’s dream also!)
    G-Ma and G-Pa

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