Extreme Weather

Don’t let these photos fool you… On my way to the market at Waterlooplein with my roommate Daniel on saturday, we expected a nice bike ride in the sunshine.  Out of nowhere, about half-way to the market, a storm emerged in the likeness of ‘A Day After Tomorrow’.

All of a sudden the sky darkened, the wind picked up… a little drizzle started to usher walkers to pop out their umbrellas or huddle under eaves.  No biggie, this happens all the time in Amsterdam… but 30 seconds later there were huge gusts of wind, almost knocking us off of our bikes.  Cafes that had outdoor seating had chairs blown over and beer glasses crashed to the cement.  Women screamed and children cried – all hell broke loose as we were pelted in the face with pea-sized hail.

A vendor unveils his merchandise after the spontaneous weather.

But we charged ahead, and five minutes later when we arrived to the market, it was sunny again.  You can see one of the vendors pulling off tarps that were laid out to keep the merchandise dry.

Daniel walks down one of the alleys between rain showers at the market on Waterlooplein.

Other less severe showers sprinkled us throughout our time at the market, and we dodged from tent to tent to stay out of the rain.

For lack of a better name(because we don't pretend to know what the building is called...) we call this the 'Castle at Noordermarkt'.

Our bike ride home was less eventful, and sunshine is always appreciated here… I have heard that the winter is awfully grey.  Took a couple more pics on the way home, and on Sunday I took some more fun pictures from the Nemo Science Museum that will be featured in the next post.

An interesting aesthetic strategy... the real physical facade of this building was covered with a 'look-alike' fake facade. The space was being utilized by a huge Levi's jeans ad on the left side.

Take care.


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