First day of class in Hilversum

So yesterday, Monday Sep. 6, was the first day of class at the UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam).  In the online class schedule, under the heading ‘Location’ for my Philosophy of Psycho-Analysis class, it said: ‘Extern: Beeld en Geluid Institue for Sound and Vision’.

Beeld en Geluid

My first intuition, was “Why is a philosophy class there…?”

The Beeld en Geluid building in HIlversum's Media Park, much like our 'hollywood'. Interesting trivia: This building was in the apparently exact location of where my philosophy class was not.

Not wanting to overreact too much, I decided to go with the flow.  Monday morning, I got up early and biked down to Centraal station and hopped on the next train towards Hilversum.  About a half-hour ride later, I got off at Hilversum Noord next to the Media Park.


The Beeld en Geluid building is epic, to say the least.  The picture looks a bit blurry, but that is because in all of the colored glass layers is embedded figures and various scenes, only really seen close up.

My class was supposed to start at noon, and it was a little after ten when I got to the Media Park and started to find the location of the classroom.  Media park is a large complex, and luckily I got directions from a nice man to the Video Center across the complex – where the online schedule said my class was to be.

But Fate, it seems, had other plans for me…

Turns out, no one I talked to in the whole complex had any idea of a class from UvA being held there… Hmm…

So I texted another student I met that was in the same class ( a bit late now… ) to see if he was in Hilversum as well.  Nope.

The location was apparently ‘changed’ to Amsterdam.

So back to the platform, back to Centraal station, back to my bike – and then I was immersed the delicate art of biking to an address with only a vague notion of the ‘general area’ of my destination…

Luckily, getting lost in Amsterdam is paradoxically where you find yourself.  Especially with the threat (benign in retrospect) from the faculty of losing your spot in a class if you are not there on the first day of class.

I asked many locals, also on their bikes, at stopped intersections if they knew where Spinozastraat was.  ”No, sorry…” was the typical response – which was expected.  But somebody eventually would know… which they did.  Lost and Found.

I made it to class 40 min. late, but apparently still on time as others were still later.

Happy Ending.  Time to relax like this cat:

ahhh. kitty


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2 Responses to First day of class in Hilversum

  1. Jennifer Brigham says:

    Sounds very adventurous–can’t wait to hear how the rest of the classes went!

  2. valerie brigham says:

    Hi hun, finally got into this web site, how cool… and I am just thrilled to read of your adventures! You are an amazing young man, now I shall try and figure out more of this internet world you belong too, not sure what I am on now, but will ask questions to gain a bigger overview of it.

    Keep writing, or maybe you have… I shall click into more of Mom’s emails…

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