G’day Mate

I have been in Australia for about a month now. It didn’t take long for me to make great friends from all over the world. I now have life long friends from Mexico, Sweden, France, Europe, Holland, and Germany! Its so interesting conversing with them. I’m amazed on how well they speak English, for its their second language. Being here is so eye-opening, I’m not only learning about the Australian culture but I’m learning about other cultures as well! I was also amazed to meet other Americans! Surprisingly there are a lot of us here. We all decided to get together on Thanksgiving to have a feast since we will all miss Thanksgiving back home. There are about 10 of us that are going to cook, feast, and maybe watch a little football on ESPN. Some of my Australian friends are intrigued by our Thanksgiving and want to experience it with us.

I’m amazed on how westernized Australia is.They watch American movies and listen to American music. I was a little disappointed to discover they don’t have their own type of music. Sometimes i have to remind myself that I’m in a different country. Its like a little “America”, even though I’m reminded about my culture the moment i open my mouth. They always think I’m from Canada for some reason on holiday. I really need to bring a map with me and show people where MT is. I get all sorts of funny remarks when i tell them where I’m from. Here are a few examples of some nicknames i inherited:

Hannah Montana (really???)
Party in the USA

We Americans are stereotyped as the movie “American Pie”. Ha ha i have to assure them that Montana is NOT like that. There are a few things here that are different yet similar. Here are some examples of what i mean:

Rice Krispies (rice bubbles)
Granola (Moseley)
Dinner (tea)
McDonald’s (Maccas)
Burger king (Hungry Jacks)
Comforter (duna)
Sweatshirt (Jumper)
Sweatpants (Trackies)
Trunk of a car (Boot)

Those are a few of many examples of the Aussie slang. I’m starting to make my own little dictionary. The people here are so nice and laid back. They love our accent! which is weird for me to grasp, because i don’t think i have an accent. But that’s OK with me, because i love their accent. So its sorta a “win win situation”.

I’m in my sixth week of school (nearly finished) and the classes are small because no-one goes to lecture. I have an amazing schedule. I go to school Mon-Wed, then i have the rest of the week off! I have a four day weekend every week! I’m going to use those days to be a geeky tourist and travel around Australia. So far i haven’t been outside of Adelaide. Right now I’m in the process of planning a big trip to Queensland, which is equivalent to California, but WAY better. I will update you on everything i do there, for its going to be the biggest trip i take. The old town hall in the suburb of Glenelg
Beautiful suburb of Glenelg

“Global Friendship”

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6 Responses to G’day Mate

  1. Kim Wichman says:

    Love the blogs ! Keep them coming! You are doing a great job!

  2. Tracy Krushensky says:

    This is way better than facebook!! (Though I do love the picture of you and your cute hat.) This is a great way to see what other exchange students are doing. Good blog site! Love it!!

  3. Tana Larson says:

    Thanks for doing a Blog site. Now I can partake in your awesome adventure as well! Having never been to Aussie land I enjoyed the comparisons between the 2 cultures. Looking forward to more postings!

  4. Rita Krushensky says:

    Tiffanie, I love this blogging stuff. You are doing a great job and sounds like it is everything and more than you had hoped. Looking forward to more info and pix. Love Gram

  5. Jay Krushensky says:

    Hey Tif, you are waaaayyyy cooler than Hannah Montana. Love your class schedule and I am excited to continue to hear more about your adventures. Everyone say’s hello. Jay, Joann, Tyler, Laura (Jeremy’s at MSU)

  6. I’m 100% Australian and I can tell you I’m certainly intrigued by Thanksgiving. It’s bigger than Christmas to Americans right?

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