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I’m currently hanging out in Berlin at the moment with my IUSP group.  We just arrived after a six hour drive from Marburg, and we are all relaxing in the hostel lounge, sipping drinks and taking advantage of the wireless.  Our program started yesterday, and it’s all kind of a blur.  I met so many people!  I’m still trying to learn names.  Most of us are from the United States, but we have two Canadians, one New Zealander and one Austrailan.  I was freaking out for awhile, because we are all spread out among the dorms, and most of the kids have been grouped together while I thought I was by myself.  Luckily, I met my dorm mate, Alex, last night when I got back to my room.  We are the few kids who actually live in dorms in the center of town, so we don’t have to take the bus.  We do have to climb a steep hill every evening to go home, but it builds character, I think.  Marburg is super hilly and very pretty.  I’m excited to explore it some more.

Earlier today, I had my first experience with a German keyboard.  I don’t have Internet yet at my dorm, so I had to use a computer on campus in the Mensa. I only had ten minutes to use the Internet, five of which were spent just trying to log into my email.  Anyway, once I logged in, I didn’t spend much time correcting my mistakes.  Here’s an example:

So, writing with German kezboards is an experience.  Thezäve changed certain kezs, like ys are swapped with zs.  All the szmbols along the top of the kezboard have been switched around.  There are new kezs where the apostrophe and quotation marks should be, for example ö and ä.  Ah ha! The question mark is up along the number kezs with an s set. ß and ?.  I had the hardest time logging into mz email, because the at szmbol is on the q kez.  Zou canät just push shift, zou have to push a kez called the Alt Gr.  I think itäs all prettz funnz.  But now, I must get off the computer.

Just like I have to do now, because I’m sharing my computer with some friends.

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