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Hey guys, sorry its been awhile since i have blogged last. Nothing has been really happening lately, just the normal wake up eat brekke (breakfast) and head to class. I will give you an example of one of my weeks while attending school.
I wake up to an annoying phone call around 7:30am from my friend to get me out of bed for brekke. The first few weeks i rarely made it to brekke because im not a morning person and i would rather sleep in. But my friend insists that i wake up and eat brekke with her every morning! I guess you can say that she is my mum for the time being ;) I realize that its worth waking up that early to eat the moment i walk outside and feel the warm fresh air on my face. I know that 7:30 is the “normal” time to get up in the morning for those who work and such, but the last year my day didn’t start till 11am so my body is use to the extra sleep. I still have an amazing schedule like i do in MT; my first class is in the afternoon everyday besides Monday. So you can understand why i don’t get up so early.

Then during the day i usually just sit in my room, if i don’t have class and study. This happens only Monday-Wednesday. The rest of the week i try to do other things around Adelaide. Some days i would go to the beach with a friend and watch the sunset and eat ice-cream. Other days i would head to the city and shop around the cool stores they have. By the way K-mart is HUGE down here! I can say that i have been to K-mart more times in Australia than i have in America. The city is just a fun place to walk around and watch people. I seriously see something new and interesting everyday im in the city. The other day i saw an aborigine sitting down playing his didgeridoo. That was cool to experience. I also like being the typical “tourist” and exploring all the fun souvenir shops.

Life has become a lot easier and i fee like a local sometimes. The other day actually, i had a gentleman ask me where he could find a bottle shop. I knew exactly where one was and pointed him in the direction. Little incidents like this make me feel like im from here. I try to blend in, and hide the fact that im American, but its harder than you would expect. Someone told me that i “look” like an American. Haha i don’t know what that means, but cool! My vocabulary has been adapting quite well, lately i have been using Australian slang words on a daily basis. Sometimes i get funny looks, probably because it sounds funny with my American accent saying “that’s heaps good!”

I got a job working for this lady 3 times a week, 4 hours a day cleaning her house. Haha im totally “that” foreign house cleaner. Now that i think about it, all of the ladies that are housekeepers back home in America are usually foreign immigrants. Its easy money and doesn’t require brains to do the job. I actually don’t mind being a cleaning lady, the family is very nice and offers me great advice concerning my travels within Australia. I also get paid $20 an hour! That definitely motivates me to work as well. Its amazing the wages they get paid here. Minimum wage is $15/hr. But it all levels out because goods and services are so expensive. For example, a scoop of ice-cream cost $6, a t-shirt will cost you $30 if not even higher! The prices of things down here make me LOVE how much things cost back home. Because of this, i don’t ever buy things unless i need them. Sometimes i will treat myself to a scoop of ice-cream when im on the beach, but i usually just say “no” even though i want it so bad. I’m learning discipline and self sacrifices when it comes to money. This is probably a good thing, because i would spend money like it was nothing back home. But now i realize the value of a dollar, which in turn makes you appreciate the things you get and have a lot more.
Its now semester break! We get two whole weeks of break. Its like spring break times 2. There is a group of 5 including myself going to the Gold coast, east of where im residing right now. Its going to be the biggest trip i will probably take while im here. I fly out at 6 in the morning tomorrow, so i better get to bed. I will be taking my computer with to update you all on my adventures in Queensland!

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  1. Rita Krushensky says:

    Love the info and picture. Hope you are enjoying the Gold Coast and your free time. Love you, Gram

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