Mt. Aso and Home stay.

There has been a ton going on the last couple days! All this week I have been doing various things for orientation to get ready for school to start tomorrow. I mailed my bike to over to Japan, I have a nice big road bike. Everyone is amazed at how big it is, I am very excited about it I can travel around the city pretty quickly now and I plan on doing some longer distance trips. I bought a map of the Kumamoto Prefecture, which I mentioned previously, I had the staff at the international office help me circle a bunch of things on the map for me to go and visit. I am Very excited

First Stop on my list is the ocean. I think I can get there within an hour and a half on my bike, I have never been to the ocean before. Many people think it is absurd that I have never been to the ocean, Much the same as it is in Montana with people never seeing snow. I have have travel to the other side of the world, and still I have only seen the ocean from an airplane.

Also this weekend I stayed with a Japanese family. They took me to Mt. Aso and fed me some traditional Japanese food it was really good! They had a traditional Japanese house not far from my dorm.  I got to sleep on a futon in a tatami mat room. In the corner there was this shrine kind of area with a set of samurai armor on display. Asuka, the girl I was staying with, told me that her ancestor wore it 400 years ago or so, it was so cool!

Mt. Aso it is supposed to be the biggest volcano crater in the world. It is supposedly still active. The fumes in the air almost choked you, some of the viewing area was closed of due to noxious fumes. It was interesting that there were a bunch of concrete bunkers for everyone to run into incase the volcano went off. It was really cool to see.

So far this is turning out to be an amazing experience. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. I am a foreigner so it seems that I am easily making tons of friends. I am nervous for school to start this week, I think it will be very difficult at first until my Japanese improves. Mostly I am excited to start improving my Japanese, it will allow me to really communicate with all the fun people here.

Sorry if my grammar is not flowing very well in this entry. I have been listening to broken english mixed with Japanese for the past two weeks, it seem kind of strange to be writing english.

Well I am off to go to the Kumamoto Castle.

-Trevor Clark

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  1. WOW, nice trip and great pictures. I like this samurai armor!!
    Time to chill on the futon ;-)

  2. Link says:

    I was just biking around campus and heard about this. Is there more info for students anywhere? Thank you for sharing!

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