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First Two Days

Arrival I made it to Japan after over a day of traveling. I flew from Bozeman to Salt Lake City to LAX to Seoul Korea and finally to Kumamoto Japan. It all went well except that the airlines have lost … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Thin Country and a Tall Gringo

Today, I have been in Chile for three weeks. Before my trip, I read four books on Chilean culture, the country’s fascinating history, and their formidable collection of chilenismos—slang particular to the country and often indecipherable even to other Spanish … Continue reading

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I feel like I got ahead of myself in the first two blogs, so I thought I’d try to clarify where I am and what I’m doing. I am studying German this semester in Marburg, Germany.  Marburg is a college … Continue reading

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The Argentinean Adventure: July

To be completely honest, my arrival into Buenos Aires on Saturday, July 3rd was not exactly as I had expected. I had planned on arriving on that day for one reason, and one reason only. Fútbol. The sport that many … Continue reading

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First day of class in Hilversum

So yesterday, Monday Sep. 6, was the first day of class at the UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam).  In the online class schedule, under the heading ‘Location’ for my Philosophy of Psycho-Analysis class, it said: ‘Extern: Beeld en Geluid Institue for … Continue reading

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108. see the Mona Lisa… check!

So after spending a few nights in paris, missing several trains to Venice, attempting to make it to Milano, missing two trains in Milano, meeting another lost seattlelite in Milano(including myself), finally making it to Roma (Rome), and now I … Continue reading

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German Computer Keyboards

Hey: I’m currently hanging out in Berlin at the moment with my IUSP group.  We just arrived after a six hour drive from Marburg, and we are all relaxing in the hostel lounge, sipping drinks and taking advantage of the … Continue reading

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Pigeons around Italy

Before heading to Marburg, Germany, I traveled around a few cities with my boyfriend for two weeks.  We spent three days in Frankfurt, three days in London and a week in Florence.  We did a lot and saw a lot in … Continue reading

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G’day Mate

I have been in Australia for about a month now. It didn’t take long for me to make great friends from all over the world. I now have life long friends from Mexico, Sweden, France, Europe, Holland, and Germany! Its … Continue reading

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4 days… incredible

As it’s only been 4 days in Europe, I can confidently say… I had no idea what I was missing. I spent two days in London, and now I’m on my second day in Paris. School starts on September 5th, … Continue reading

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