Pit-stop in Iceland

Along the boardwalk through the Blue Lagoon, outside the spa facilities.

July 29, 30, 31

On my way to Amsterdam, I decided to stay a couple days in beautiful Iceland during my layover. After arriving in the Keflavik airport, I took the bus straight from there to the Blue Lagoon. The spa at the Blue Lagoon is extremely relaxing. It is like a big hot tub with white clay sand on the bottom. There is also steam rooms and a sauna to use.

After the lagoon, I took the bus to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.  The city is lively and very enjoyable, with an epic church at the top of the hill that the city surrounds.

I took a bus tour the next day called the ‘Golden Circle’ tour, which brought us to a few of the most popular ‘tourist’ sites around the Reykjavik area.  We saw the ancient parliament of Thingvellir, as well as geysers and the epic Gullfoss waterfall.

Looking down the canyon at Gullfoss.

A minor setback happened the morning I was supposed to fly to Amsterdam… I was supposed to wake up at 4 am to catch the bus to the Keflavik airport.  I woke up at 9 sharp.  So, after talking with a nice lady at the airport I changed my ticket to the same flight the next morning, and stayed in Keflavik for the night – beautiful town.

Looking up river at Gullfoss.

Then, I was off to Amsterdam, where the next installments of this blog will be from.


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4 Responses to Pit-stop in Iceland

  1. Great stuff–did you take the photos?

    • cameron says:

      Yep, took them with the green Fuji camera.

      I wish I would have taken a photo of the big church in Reykjavik… but I’m sure it is on google haha.

  2. mark beebe says:

    wow cam, looks great, sounds fun. hope you’re taking it all in!

    has any barriers come up that were frustrating – like language or cultural or otherwise?

    can’t wait to see more :)

    stay safe.


    • cameronb says:

      thanks mark, good to hear from you

      not too many barriers here, everyone speaks english – and they want to show they can

      So learning dutch is a bit slow getting responses in english (and in a tight situation, i always revert to english)

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