Pride in Amsterdam

Flamboyant and Fun.

The first weekend I was in Amsterdam, the yearly Gay Pride parade was the talk of the town.  The taxi driver that took me to my hotel the first night I arrived told me that everyone goes.  It was a giant party.  He said that most people that went to watch were straight, because if you were gay you were probably on one of the floats – go figure.

The parade was a boat parade, I assume because the streets here are all very busy and narrow.  The famous canals that line the city are one of the most beautiful features of the city, and the most functional.

To find a spot along the canal to watch was rough, and since I had just arrived in town I had not yet bought the two essentials for Amsterdam:  A bike and an umbrella.  It was a long walk to find a ‘less-populated’ area for watching:

I took pictures in-between rain showers(to keep the camera dry), or if the people next to me had their umbrellas open(like the pic above).

Most of the floats(literally) had on-board DJ’s and loud music competing with each other as they passed the crowds along the canals.  Not sure what the trophy was for…

By the way, everyone that I saw was smiling, so it was hard not to do the same.  Amazing, the happiness that comes with the tolerance of the city.  So enjoy the rest of these pictures, and imagine Lady Gaga bumping crazy loud in the background – hard not to smile isn’t it?


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