The most exciting news thus far!

Last week there was a big festival in Kumamoto. There was a big parade with tons of people. There were these huge workhorses being paraded around. It was kind of intense because they would try and get the horses angry so they would run around and kick a bit. The horses would get really close to the crowd. It was really High Energy with people chanting and beating on big drums. It was really cool to see.

This last saturday we had a welcome party for all the international students. There were a bunch of Japanese students who came to visit us it was really fun to meet so many people. Everyone I met wanted to exchange phone numbers so I probably have a good 20-30 phone numbers. The only problem is that most of them I cannot read, and even if I could I doubt I could remember who the names belonged to! We were out till 5 in the morning with about 30 Japanese students. It was really interesting trying to talk to all them. I am not very proficient in Japanese yet. Here is a picture at our dorm of the welcome party.

Alright here is my exciting news. I started Taekwondo this week. There is a really great club here. The Captain of the team competed in the Olympics in Athens for Japan! I get to train under and Olympian all year! There are a couple other guys in the club who are also top national players, one of which is ranked third in Japan! I am really excited to work with these highly accomplished athletes! To top it off there is a big international tournament here in Kumamoto in December, and I am going to compete. I am so excited! I have not been practicing this summer so I am kind of out of shape. The practices are 3 hours long and I am incredibly sore. I am completely exhausted and I love it!

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