Tour in the Tunnels

This week, our culture class did a bunch of tours in the city of Marburg.  A few of them, my class had to organize ourselves.  We researched different buildings and famous people from Marburg, and we led our fellow students on merry jaunts through the town.  One tour, though, was prepared for us, and it took us through the ramparts and old tunnels of the old castle of Marburg.  It was spooky and a little surreal.  An unfinished watchtower along the wall was made into a prison around the 1300s/1400s.  The walls of the tower are about four feet thick, and the people, who built it ran out of stone when they were a little more than half way done.  Rather than waste what they had built, the city made that tower the town prison.  The top of the tower is called the “Witches’ Tower,” because women accused of witchcraft were often imprisoned there.  We were able to walk up into the prison room.  There are no windows and there was no real contact with the outside world.  Food was lowered to the prisoners from a hole in the ceiling.  My tour guide turned off the lights while we were in there, because prisoners, who were imprisoned there never saw the light of day again.  It was terrifying, but really awesome.  

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