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Carnival on Dam Square

I was biking home from class the other day, and lo and behold!  There was a carnival set up in Dam square, complete with a ferris wheel towering over the tight european streets. On the other side of the square(behind … Continue reading

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On the first week of October, I was fortunate enough to travel with my film professor and friend – Carlo, to the International Short Film Festival in Capalbio. It was a three day festival that showcased over 20 short films … Continue reading

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Last weekend a bunch of friends and I went to a smaller town outside of Kumamoto to watch a fireworks festival. It was in the town of Yatsushiro. It was really amazing. There were so many people! There tons of … Continue reading

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The Argentinean Adventure: Cordoba and Octoberfest

I’m not exactly what you call a morning person. I like to lay in bed as a wake up, stare at the wall, listen to the birds singing their happy songs, and reflect on the sweet sweet dreams I had … Continue reading

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preparing myself for finals and last minute traveling

Only two more months until I come back to Montana. This exhilarating life experience has gone by so quickly. Finals are in one month, and then I have a whole month to travel the rest of Australia. Here are some … Continue reading

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NEA- Nutella Eaters Anonymous

This week has been a week to dwell on my eating habits.  Before I came to Germany, the studies abroad crew talked to us about staying healthy and eating right, blah, blah, blah- it seemed like common sense.  However, I’ve … Continue reading

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Viva Chile, Mierda

It has been too long since my last post, but I hope that I have some good stories to make up for it. Saturday, September 18, was Chile’s bicentennial, and we had an entire week off classes. My friend Simon … Continue reading

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The Argentinean Adventure: September

September in Buenos Aires was a great month. Though I did not get out of the city at all, I did manage to make the most out of the opportunities that presented themselves inside of this so called “Paris of … Continue reading

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Fresh Fruit!

It has been a really great weekend. It has been really great the last couple of days. I feel like I am starting to understand Japanese much better. I am really excited to start to be able to talk with … Continue reading

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Quartiere Coffee Music Video (Italian Reggae)

Thispast weekend, I was fortunate enough to help out on an Italian reggae music Video. The group was Quartiere Coffee, out of Grosseto, Italy. On Thursday night, I was picked up outside my host parent’s apartment. In the car was … Continue reading

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