Carnival on Dam Square

I was biking home from class the other day, and lo and behold!  There was a carnival set up in Dam square, complete with a ferris wheel towering over the tight european streets.

The lovely Palace behind the fair.

On the other side of the square(behind the vantage from the picture above) is the famous sculptures on Dam.

The National Monument on Dam Square

Dam Square is named after the literal dam that stopped the Amstel river in Amsterdam’s early history. ¬†Thus, the city was first called Amstelredamme, leading to the modern day Amsterdam – the ‘dam on the Amstel’.

A close up of the figures on this side of the monument. Pigeons.

The next picture is one of two lion figurines cornering the plaza of the National Monument, with some touristy horse-drawn carriages.


While this picture doesn’t show it, many times the Heineken kegs are distributed by clydesdale carriages as well. ¬†Incidentally, these ‘double lions’(found everywhere… think suburban driveways) have sparked an interesting debate with my flatmate on whether or not they are actually relic symbols from the early Egyptian symbol/god Aker…


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