Finding Nemo

Yeah, sorry for the pun.  I had to do it.

There it is! The Nemo is a large building along the waterfront near Centraal Station.

Last weekend I went to the Nemo Science Museum here in Amsterdam.  It is a boat-load of fun.  The entire place is geared towards kids, to get them interested in science and to teach them about themselves as growing biological organisms.  A lot of parents were there with their children who had free reign to run around to the different exhibits and quirky-fun experiments.

Kids wait for a complex contraption to be set off. It was incredibly disappointing, as the contraption failed miraculously. Its the idea that counts, right?

Each floor going up seemed to have a higher ‘target audience’.  The second floor taught about puberty, while the third taught about how the brain works.  There was a great exhibit that gave hands on to a binary code writing system – the basic language of computers.

I can haz cheezburger?!

And there was a giant machine girl that was pretty creepy with her non-working eyelid and stiff gestures… but at least she taught about how the prosthetics industry has helped many disabled and medically impaired people live more normal lives.

Imagine an army of these ladies coming back from the future like Arnold in Terminator.


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