preparing myself for finals and last minute traveling

Only two more months until I come back to Montana. This exhilarating life experience has gone by so quickly. Finals are in one month, and then I have a whole month to travel the rest of Australia. Here are some things i would love to do while I’m still here:
See the Sydney Opera House
Learn to Surf
Get wild in the Outback
Road trip the Great Ocean Road
Scuba Dive
These are the major things I would like to accomplish for the next two months. There are a few little things like cuddling a koala bear, swimming with dolphins, bushwalking, and wine tasting. I could easily do these things during the week thanks to my amazing school schedule.
When they say Aussies are “laid back” they really mean it. The school I’m attending enrolls about 2,000 more students than MSU but feels 10 times smaller. It’s part of the normal Australian lifestyle to not attend classes. I asked one of my fellow Aussie friends “why?” They just shrugged and said we don’t have to, because they stream the lectures online. I have two classes that enroll about 200 students in each lecture but only about 10 of those 200 students attend lecture. Sadly enough, the students that attend the lectures are foreign exchange students from other countries. Every assignment is online so students can easily get away with not showing up for class and do the work on their own. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m in school. The grade you receive is weighted upon your final and some essay/research assignments. All in all school in Australia rocks, but have disadvantages because the lack of the school environment (which doesn’t really help with motivation) and the weather here plays a huge role in how successful a student can be. Most of my friends will just skip classes for the day to go to the beach. Ha, I guess it’s like students at MSU skipping class for a powder day at Bridger Bowl.
I have a good feeling about finals this year! I organized a study group together for my macroeconomics class. The library provides old exams for you to study off of if needed. I know for sure I will be using those old exams. My last exam is the 18th of November. Then I’m free to travel!
Life lessons I learned so far……
1. Travel with as little as you can
2. Budget your money; only allow yourself a certain amount of money. Don’t overspend no matter the situation.
3. Listening and memory skills (you can learn a lot from others)
4. Organizational skills (school work and travels)
5. People know more about YOUR country than you do yourself
lazy days in the sand

downtown in Adelaide
rock climbing

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3 Responses to preparing myself for finals and last minute traveling

  1. damn pig eating from the garbage :)

  2. ritakrushensky says:

    Keep up the good work, Tif. Enjoy your last weeks. The info is very interesting. Love Gram

  3. Kim Wichman says:

    So glad to hear that you are enjoying your Aussie Land experiences.

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