Its still Fall!

Well for the first time since I came to Japan I am getting a little homesick. I want some American food! The food here is good but I am really missing just the day to day food back home. I don’t even know why, but I really have a craving for a nice Pickle Barrel sandwich, or something. The food is just so different here. I like it but I  would like some food from home. Not much I can do though. I like the food here, but I would like to eat something familiar right now, for some reason.

Last weekend we were able to go to Soyo Gorge and Tsujyun Bridge. It was amazing the leaves on all the trees are changing colors and we were up in the mountains. It was one of my favorite Trips I have had thus far while in Japan. Most of the people that went on the trip weren’t too keen on walking to far, so for an hour or so I took off by myself and wandered around these trails in Soyo Gorge, it was beautiful. The bridge we went to visit is very old. It has a stream flowing through the middle to transport water to a plateau of sorts. It is really cool what they were able to do way back when. Some times they open up a pipe in the middle of the bridge and it sprays water out like a waterfall, unfortunately we were not able to see it. Here are some pictures, (yes be a little jealous the temperature is still quite comfortable here).

Soyo Gorge.

Soyo Gorge,

From left to right: Lexy from Canada, Miaoyun from China, Go from Taiwan, Jonah also from MSU, Luo from China, Jordan from Canada, Me from MSU.

Here is a bunch of us on top of Tsujyun Bridge.

Here is me in front of Tsujyun Bridge.

As you can see it was absolutely gorgeous. I loved it.

Tomorrow I am off to Nagasaki for the weekend, which should be a really good time. I am really looking forward to it! We are going to visit a lot of historical sites, also we will get to explore some the area around a big volcano in the area. It will also be the first time I will have seen the Ocean, besides from my seat on the plane. I can’t wait!

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