The best road trip of my LIFE!

Off we were with our rental car to explore the wonders of the coast between Adelaide and Melbourne. I am traveling with Nadja and her mom from Sweden. Everyone thinks that we are a family because we all look similar with blond hair and blue eyes.

We stopped at 10 different locations along the Great Ocean Road. Our first stop was Mt. Gambier where the “famous” blue lake resides. This majestic bright blue lake sits on top of an active volcano with a fence around the whole lake to preserve the bright blue water. Then we hiked to the highest sightseeing cliff in Victoria while getting attacked by hundreds of tiny little houseflies. During that hike we were lucky enough to spot wild kangaroos and seals playing in the ocean. At the top of the cliff I could see for miles and the warm wind felt good blowing in my hair. After running to the car for some air conditioning and water we drove a few kilometers to the blowholes and petrified forest. A few pictures were taken and then we took off to the next destination, Port Campbell.

Here, at Port Campbell were the famous rock formations; The Twelve Apostles, The London Bridge, and The Arch. The rock formations out of limestone are completely natural and beautiful. Its like a dream; the sky is bright blue, the waves crash against the shoreline, the ocean has shades of blue from dark to turquoise, and the brownish cliffs glisten in the sun. Words or pictures can’t explain the beauty of this place. There are a few interesting stories about these beautiful creations.

Back in September 11, 2001 when America got attacked by terrorists flying into the twin towers in New York, two of the twelve apostles in Australia fell down that same day. When the 2005 London bombings occurred, that same day part of the London Bridge rock formation in Australia collapsed. When I heard these stories and when I saw these places, I thought to myself ‘wow there must be some sort of connection with these big rocks and catastrophes around the world.’

We spent a few hours exploring the untouched secluded, white sandy beaches along the Great Ocean Road. We drove further south and stopped for coffee and cake in Apollo Bay. Then we drove alongside the ocean on a cliff. The road was long and windy; I had to keep my eyes open and alert. The ocean was on my right and the mountains were on my left. It was heaps of fun to drive this long, windy, narrow road. The scenery was spectacular and the music in the car fit the mood. We now arrived in a cute little touristy town called Lorne. We checked into our accommodation and had take away dinner on a bench by the sea.

The next morning we woke up to these big white cockatoos hanging around our campsite. They were like pigeons begging for food. I had a bagel today and attracted about 6 hungry birds. After packing up the car and feeding the pretty white cockatoos we drove off into the rain-forest to see a waterfall. It was spectacular, and huge. We had to drive on a really narrow steep road in order to get to it. The whole scenery reminded me of The Jungle Book and Tarzan. It was a very foggy day, and it looked like a spooky movie with the fog seeping through the thick rain-forest. Everything in Australia is unbelievable and imaginary. We drove the last few kilometers of the Great Ocean Road towards our last stop, Torquay.

Torquay is known as one of surfers capital of the world. I rented a wet suit and a surf board and rode some pretty big waves. Nadja and her mom lied on the beach and took fun photos of me trying to surf. It’s hard to get far out into the ocean because waves are constantly crashing into you and taking you down with them. I underestimated on how strong and dense water really is. After a few beatings from the waves I finally made it out to where I wanted to be. I lied on my surfboard on my stomach waiting for the “right” wave to come. The moment a wave approached me I started paddling and then quickly jumped to my feet as the wave took me to shore. I felt free on top of that wave. It is so much fun. It was only my second time surfing and I was already standing up. Im not great or anything, but with a few more lessons and practice I could become a true surfer girl (haha).

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