My last day in Australia

Six months ago I arrived here a young woman ready to explore myself and to learn more about what life can offer. It seems like just yesterday when I stepped off that plane into the unknown. Life whizzed by before my eyes down here in Australia. Im leaving this country as a new person ready to grab life by the horns when I come back to Bozeman. Its hard to express how I feel. I have two life’s in two similar but different universes. I’m sad to be leaving this country, but happy at the same time to be returning to my own country. Im currently in a weird emotional state that I cant explain, but can only feel. I have never felt like this before, but I will be a stronger person afterwards.
Of course I had a few tears here and there, but what normal human being wouldn’t? Im leaving a country that I fell completely and utterly in love with. I know deep down that someday I will make my way back to Australia. Im itching inside to travel more and to see this world. There are a few barriers that I have to cross in order to achieve my dream of traveling and exploring. I have learned the valuable lesson of money and saving while being here. I only had a certain amount and Im literally down to my last cent. After packing my bags I realized that I could have saved hundreds of dollars if I didn’t spend money on gifts and such for my friends, my family, and myself. I hit rock bottom and I failed when it came to money alone. Its so easy to spend money but so hard to save it. Especially when you think you wont ever get this chance again and that they don’t have this stuff in America. But all honesty, it was just an excuse to spend money so I felt better and that I was getting the full on experience of this trip.
Leaving America, I had two big suitcases full to the rim. Now, I only have one big suitcase and one small suitcase (which is half the size of my other suitcase that I originally brought with me) Thanks to my wonderful friends and their honesty I am saving myself money from airport and baggage fees. They know that im low on money and I appericate their help. I literally packed my suitcases 8 different times before I finally figured it out. Without the help and “packing knowledge” of my fellow friends I would be bringing back 4 suitcases! I threw away most of my clothes that I brought here, all of my tolietires, and my hair dryer. By the end of my packing I had two full garbage bags full of goodies. Im donating them all to the salvation army. I thought that I would be bringing back more with me from what I intionally brought, but instead im bringing back less and a lot of new stuff that I have collected over the last months.
Im only human, and humans are prone for making mistakes. I learned my lesson and know that I wont ever make those same mistakes ever again. Im anxious to see how I react to the environment back home. I am so use to the big city and the beach, im afraid that im going to be claustrophobic and depressed in Bozeman, MT because its so different. I view life differently than I use to and I have matured immensely. When I come home my family and friends will see that im all “new and improved.” It just took me to go and live halfway across the world to learn who I really am and to accept it.

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