Physical Graffiti

It has been a while since my last post, and I thought perhaps I would do a bit more of an artsy post, because otherwise I will inevitably start to get political and talk about how many countries around Europe and the Arab world are revolting against their corrupt leaders and the international banking cartels.  They are using their bodies to express themselves.

So instead I will just smile and pretend its not going to spread to the U.S.  The people here are not very keen on sacrificing their retirement, education, and childrens’ future in order to bail out multi-national conglomerates and international ponzi-schemes.  Darn it!  Told ya I couldn’t keep the politics out of this…

Here are some photos of graffiti from around Amsterdam, and a couple of the photos are from Antwerp, Belgium.  Some of them are self explanatory, some are random and I haven’t the slightest how to interpret them.  At least the expressions are on the walls, instead of in the flesh. (although there have been riots all over western europe)

The first couple are from a small tunnel in-between a street and a courtyard somewhere near the Amstel.

Some creepy tentacle things coming out of a guys face.

These next three are from the side of a bar called 'Soundgarden'.

Reminds me of Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Somebody's bright rainbow tag... no clue what letters they are supposed to be.

Now this particular case of vandalism is especially interesting...

Some trains at the station in Antwerp.

Hopefully I will have another installment of graffiti from around town here… there are some really cool things that I haven’t taken pictures of yet, but I pass them often I just forget to bring my camera.

Express Yourself!


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  1. Jamey Freudiger says:

    Hopefully I will have another installment of graffiti from around town here

  2. Thank you for this beautiful article ..

  3. Thanks for the pictures, amazing art work.

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