How Many Times Are You Going To Be Here?

Living in Europe really has opened my eyes to just how many great opportunities we can let ourselves pass up with silly excuses. So far I’ve joined the Choral society, which needed a treasurer so I picked that position up too. Then I snatched up a score of other societies that allow me to meet people and do things time would usually prevent. Next I did something my concern for my face would usually prevent. I joined the rugby team. So not only do I fill my week with 6 classes, different societies, and volunteering at the local homework club, I can tackle people now too.

This past weekend I went to London and soaked up everything possible. Some Cockney people at the market in the morning taught me rhyming slang, I snapped photos with a Beef-eater at the Tower, and then bought tickets to see a musical. The key to travel is to be fearless in everything. Fearless in admitting that you are very lost. Fearless in doing what it is you want. Fearless in trying something new. If you can ask yourself “How Many Times Are You Going To Be Here?” and get a number less than every day, then you need to live it up.I’ve been loving every second of my exchange and utilizing every cheap ticket that comes my way. The royal cavalry at Buckingham Palace? Saw it. What’s next? Cheap flight to Norway? Booked it.

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