Playing Catch-Up

Shoot, I’ve got some serious catch up to play with this post.  So here goes… 
My entire program went to Granada a few weekends back.  Our bus left at 8:30 Friday morning so none of us were too stoked on that.  The majority of the kids in my program either go to the University of Hawaii or various schools in Florida and many were flipping out about seeing mountains.  It was early, I wasn’t feeling well, and eating wasn’t allowed on the bus so was thinking more along the lines of, “Mountains? I go to school in Montana.  Yeah I’m tired, I’ma just sleep”.  Holy sh…moly!  The Sierra Nevadas looked like a giant heap of meringue and got me thinking that maybe I had chosen the wrong place to study abroad.  I almost wish they hadn’t looked so amazing because it made it that much more difficult to accept the fact that I was sick and couldn’t go skiing.  I did however get to wander Granada and see the Alhambra.  It has a whole lot of historical significance, mostly because it it was the last stand where the Catholics gained complete control over Spain.  

The weekend after that I went to Lagos, Portugal.  Literally all I did was lay out on the beach eating the most delicious oranges of my life that cost half a euro for a kilo.  THANK YOU, Portugal and your failing economy!   

The most recent weekend I stuck around Sevilla and did a few day trips.  Our program took us to Cordoba, or as I prefer to call it Cor-don’t even bother.  Aside from the Mezquita, it doesn’t have much going on.  Saying so seems terrible and that I’m not appreciative, but after living in Sevilla and visiting Granada, Cordoba is quite the letdown.  Cadiz the following day made up for Cordoba and then some.  Located on the Costa del Sol, it is home to the third largest Carnaval in the world.  Everyone dresses up in costume and raids the streets.  When I was in Bologna last month I found a pair of antique leather lederhosen at a flea market for 5 euro.  They were designed for a 10 year old boy, so I had to extend the straps and couldn’t zip them up fully, but it was great.  If a pictures worth a thousand words, right?  Since I don’t have the time like Illogic to paint a thousand pictures, I’ll post some below instead.   

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