Sevilla la Maravilla

I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to keep this blog updated.  I could say I’m too busy, but lets be real, this is Spain and no one is ever actually busy.  At any given time there are four options: converse, eat, drink or nap.  This place is wonderful.  

Today, I thought back to the mandatory pre-departure meeting for all study abroad students.  At one point in the slideshow we were shown a chart about how most study abroad experiences go.  The line starts off in a “honeymoon period”, but then as cultural differences set in it curves downward for a bit until rock bottom homesickness occurs, then it starts to curve upward as friendships are made and a bunch of other business, then it soars up as things get great again, and then its time to leave.  Let me just throw it out there that as far as my experience is concerned, that line is so wrong it isn’t even funny.  From day one things have only gotten better.  Life here feels ordinary, and I mean that in a really great way.  Sevilla doesn’t feel like a city where I’m visiting, it’s where I live.  I’m pretty sure it is my comfortability with Sevilla that has prevented updates, so this week I’m going to buckle down, play some catch-up and post daily.  Adiós.

p.s. that means “goodbye”… in Spanish.

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  1. Lauren Jackson says:

    Oh thank goodness I’m not a freak. I’ve felt at home in Galway Ireland since the beginning too. I am dreading leaving my home and my adopted family of wonderful friends here. There was no homesickness, no anything. I think I am in constant ‘honeymoon’ stage.

    Slán Zoe.

    p.s. that’s goodbye in Irish.

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