Ciao da Siena!

Ciao tutti!

I am all settled in with my host family in Siena, Tuscany, Italy. The city is absolutely beautiful. It has been warm and sunny, but pleasantly so for the past few days.I am living with one other girl who is a student in the program. She’s from Ohio. We both live with an elderly single lady Guiliana who is the typical doting grandmother type. She makes lots of delicious food and is very intent on feeding us . Dinner always starts out with a dish of pasta before we have our main course. The fruit here is especially good. Mostly because Italians only eat & cook with whatever is in season.

I have definitely already embraced two  excellent Italian things-gelato and cappuccinos. My first day I had latte gelato, which is milk flavored gelato, it is like a very mild version of’s delicious!

for our first 3 weeks here we have 6 hours of Italian class a week. this program definitely embraces the full-immersion concept which is awesome, but a little overwhelming.. I feel about 2 years old on the communication front, but with so much Italian happening all the time, there’s no way I can’t improve. Our host mother actually said that she thought we are better after only three days. btw-she doesn’t speak ANY English, which is challenging, but very good for us.

Here are a few pictures! More to come!

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  1. Shirley Harryman says:

    Dear Kira, Thanks so much for posting the Italy pictures. It looks like a wonderful place and we’ll all be anxious to hear all the details of your stay. Having to speak Italian all day must be hard, but a swift way to learn the language. Rainy and cool again here. Annette came for a short visit yesterday. We did a little shopping this morning and took a walk in Lawrence Park. I have much to do before I leave for Israel on June 13. Did buy a digital camera in Billings to record my journey. Love, Grandma

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