I’m A Kangaroo

Not actually.  Canguro is how Spaniards refer to a live in nanny or au pair, which is what I’ve been up to these past few weeks.  Life in Sevilla was too great to leave so I found myself a job for the summer and decided to stick around and study again this fall.  Now that I’m staying, I figure this gives me ample time to blog and redeem myself.
Finals wrapped up two weeks ago.  Since then my life has shifted from amigos and mojitos, to kiddos and dibujitos (cartoons).  The kids are 3, 5 and 6; they’re adorable, a lot of work, but a total blast.  Aside from the classic tending to scraped up knees and playing hide and seek, my predominate job is to help them learn English.  Kids are quick to pick up on things, but because they are so young I have to say most things in both English and Spanish.  Sometimes my life feels like an episode of Dora the Explorer.
Weekdays, I pick up the kids from school and we either go to tennis lessons or play around the house before eating dinner and putting them to bed.    Weekends, we go to the family’s beach house in Zahara.  It’s located just to the West of the Straight of Gibraltar and you can see Morocco from the pool.  I have a great job, and that’s all I know for now.
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