Summer Check In

Hope Everyone is having a fantastic summer! Mine has been amazing so far, with it only getting better. With the USP Grant, I went to Norway to photograph a family reunion. This was no ordinary family reunion however, it was the 100th year anniversary of when my great great great grandfather traveled from the USA and visited his parents back in Norway. At the reunion there was just over 200 Norwegians, and 27 Americans, it was an amazing experience. I was in Norway for a total of 3 weeks which i spent in Oslo, Trondheim, Orland, and then the last week was spent driving down the coast to Bergen.
On a side note, what happened in Norway this past week is an absolute tragedy, so just take time and keep Norway in your thoughts. They are some of the nicest people with an extremely strong culture. After being there its still hard to believe this could happen there.
I now am back in Minnesota for a few weeks. I am getting my Europe trip finalized right now. I will be backpacking through Europe by myself for the second half of August before school starts in Italy. My plan is fly into the Netherlands, then to Berlin, Prague, Innsbruck Austria, then back to Germany to visit Munich, and finally residing in Italy for my semester there! I cannot wait to travel by myself. It is going to be such an experience and something I have wanted to do for some time.

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