Far from home (but not as far as I thought)

Well, my journey into the land of study abroad began early Thursday morning with a long flight out of Seattle.  The first few days of this week were filled with much excitement, lots of questions, and plenty of stressing out over how to fit all my necessary posessions for the next five months inside one duffel suitcase and a backpack (the duffel was a whole .6 pounds under the max limit, something I’m quite proud of!).  But sure enough, it all came through and my flight went off without a hitch.

Being the smart person that I am, I decided I would plan ahead by staying up late Wednesday night, thereby punching jet-lag in the face and making it much easier to fall asleep at the right time while on the plane.  That plan kind of backfired.  Instead of falling asleep at the proper time, I managed to stay awake long enough to see the sun both set and rise (some of you might need to be explain that that means I didn’t fall asleep).  I am writing this at 10:15 my time having not had a good chunk of sleep in almost 2 days.  But I realized that my insomnia turned out to be a blessing in disguise, a sheep in wolf’s clothing…  While I was on the plane, having admitted defeat in my battle to lose consciousness, I reluctantly turned to thoughts of how far from home I had traveled and how different my life would become over a period of hours.  Yet just as these thoughts were passing through my head, I turned my attention to the deep, black, night sky just outside my window and, low and behold, I was blatantly reminded of how insignificant all those miles seemed to be when compared to the vastness of the spherical blanket of star and night that surrounds us all.  Seemingly resting on the plane’s wing tip was the very same Big Dipper that I had just recently looked upon in my home turf, Montana.  And while this spectacular moment revealed to me a new level of comfort and awe at the world God had created and set me in,that same night sky would simultaneously act to violently steal my breath away upn witnessing the most spectacular sunrise my eyes have ever beheld.  If you can imagine gazing upon the horizon line of the Atlantic ocean, black and blended with the similarly black night sky, slowly and creepily lit up with a single thread of crimson red, just faint to the eye, a thread that grows into a brilliant shaft of light that then continues to grow into a true rainbow of colors until the brilliant ball of flame behind the masterpiece finally concedes to its long expectant audience and, in a brilliant display of color and light, reveals itself to the world in all of its glory and splendor.  That is what was going through my head as I began my journey to Spain.  That is what I will always remember about the introduction to studying abroad.

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