Getting Ready to Fly Out!

I’m getting ready to fly out to Galway, Ireland. I fly out on the 29th of August at 6am in the morning and arrive in Galway around 11am giving me a day to regroup before orientation starts.

I’ve attempted to start packing but turns out packing for a year is a bigger challenge then I thought ……and I’ve come to realize that my horse Diego will not fit in one of my suit cases.

I’m getting extremely nervous as the days draw closer about flying out because I have no idea what to expect, which also makes it exciting at the same time. Although I’m going to miss my family, my horses, and my dogs extremely I feel that this is something I need to do for myself.

Also just a heads up I take a ton of photos not even kidding. So expect a lot of pictures along with video footage which I will attempt to post on the blog….if not I’ll include the youtube link.

Karlie K

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