Last few hours in ‘Murica

I’m sitting on my Aunt’s couch in Denver, Colorado downloading some fresh music, calling my phone company, getting my bank account in order, and getting some last minute relaxation time in (“relaxation” I should say, considering my mind is constantly going down the checklist to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything).

Tomorrow is the big day, I’m leaving on a jet plane- on Jet Blue airlines to be exact.  Let’s hope I have everything packed…. my uncle always said bring twice as much money and half the amount of clothes.  But, for my specific trip to Norway, I think the saying should say bring triple the amount of clothes!  I have my snowjackets, snowpants, snowboots, and sunglasses packed.

Let the crazy adventure begin…

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  1. Dobre Konto says:

    Triple amount of clothes is ok but triple amount of money is good idea too. Prices in Norway are very high.

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