The easy life…

Whelp, yesterday, I in fact did not have my first class. Although it did say classes started this week, the detailed lecture plan revealed that our first class is next week. So, little did I realize, I didn’t have class at all this week except tomorrow, Friday, from 8-11.  Then, next week, I ACTUALLY START CLASSES.  Finally!

Yesterday I rode the metro to Holmenkollen, a huge ski jump.  I didn’t check out the museum, but the gift shop had a lot to display.  The view was wonderful- it overlooks the city of Oslo and the Oslofjord.  I didn’t stay too long though; I needed to get to my class that doesn’t start until next week.

That night, I met up with Kelli, the girl I met at the Police Registration day.  We hung out with some people from her buddy group for a while before heading to my place to pick up some drinks and Maria.  We then went to Kelli’s place and watched some of her Norwegian videos and checked out some of her pics.  We spent a little time at Chateau Neuf, but decided to leave pretty soon because there weren’t many people there, plus they had to get up early the next morning.

Today, I got up, skyped with Michelle for a bit, then packed myself a lunch and headed out for Frognerseteren- the end of the first metro line that you take to go the ski park.  There’s a nice (overpriced) restaurant with a  great view.  There’s a great trail system up there, so I spent some time hiking around, exploring the area.  I ate my lunch and read a bit at the restaurant, taking in the beautiful view.  Afterwards, I went to Gronland for some cheap groceries, then home to relax a bit.  I could get used to my little Norwegian life style.

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