Classes have Started!!

Okay I’ve been a little bad about keeping up on my blog…..but I’m back. Classes have finally started up and I am now in the 3rd week of class.

I have to say it’s been an interesting couple of weeks. First I got to walk to school in what was left of hurricane Katina. Walking 2.5 miles to class (5 miles down & back) everyday is actually a good workout……except when you forget something back at the house, but when you have to walk 2.5 miles in 80mph winds not much fun.

I also registered with the Gardaí and got an immigration card…..took forever to find the place cause it was the opposite way the school was. Good part about it was it was close to my apartment. On the way back to my apartment I noticed an art store that was really close to my place. I went in and it was NOT an art store……it was like a Russian food mart. Not even kidding everything was in Russia and there was not a sketchbook, or paint brush in sight.

Class structure is very different from what I was use to at Northern. Firstly most of my classes are one 2-hour class once a week. There are 2 (History & Irish Language) that are twice a week. The set up for visiting students was interesting also. They allow you to try out classes for the first two weeks before registering for them to make sure that it will work for you. Which could be a double edge sword because most of the assignments are down via Blackboard (similar to Desire-2-Learn), and without technically being registered for the course you cannot get access to the lecture slides or readings. It all works out in the end anyway.

Registration day was on the 19th and while I was in line to turn in my registration form the fire alarm went off in the building so I had to go stand outside for another 20 minutes and then hand in my registration form. Another funny thing that happened this week was in my history lecture, halfway through the lecture the power went out in the lecture hall I was in. The teacher didn’t know what to do it was kind of funny.

Clubs and Societies also started up. I signed up for fencing (not Montana fencing, like sword fighting fencing) and I have to say I really enjoy it. Trainings are on Tuesdays & Fridays and I have to say they kick my butt and I’m tired when I head home. I also signed up for Equestrian, mostly because I’m missing my horses terribly. I think that you can take lessons or just go for a leisure ride, that hasn’t really got up and running yet.

I joined two societies also. I joined Drama just for fun. They had auditions for 1 semester plays on Wednesday. I also joined Film Society and I absolutely love it!! They do screenings of different movies sort of like a student theatre, but they also do workshops on making short films, documentary, cinematography, script writing etc. The first production meeting was on Wednesday at 9pm. Wednesday I was basically at the school from 10am-10pm and I was ready to come home.
I also went on another tour this time to Connemara & Cong which was completely different to the Cliffs of Moher tour I took a couple weeks ago. I’m still working on the Cliff pictures but I’ll put some more pictures up of the school and campus. And I’ll try the next couple days to put up pictures of Galway city.

Until next time.
Karlie Kafka

Pathway to the Marine center at the school.

There's a baby horse!!

View from outside the College Bar

The schooly's actually quite large on the inside.

Corrib River I cross walking the shorter way to class.

Main shopping street in Galway

A street performer. Every time someone put change in the bucket he'd change position.

One of the churches I pass going the long way to class

One of the main buildings at NUI Galway

Front entrance to the school

Birds on a stone wall

Dunguaire Castle

Flowers growing in the window.

Dunguaire Castle

Mr. Happy Horse - The horse I pass everyday on the way to class

Castle Ruins

Church Ruins

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