First week of school…

Well, it’s been a busy week!  Classes finally started full throttle- it looks like I’m going to have a lot of reading ahead of me…But it will be a different kind of reading than I’m used to.  Not so much fact based, scientific material, but more open to interpretation reading.  My Norwegian Art History class seemed a little dry at first- the teacher went through a huge list of paintings, describing what each one showed.  But, I think once I get a better handle on what to look for in paintings, it will be much more interesting.  My psychology class I think will be my favorite- the teacher is a funny French-Italian (At least that’s what my classmate and I have decided) that really wants you to engage with the whole class and contribute your opinion.  Considering I’ve never taken any kind of art history class or psychology class, this semester will be full of new things!  My Norwegian language course is proving to be a bit tricky…but with some more practice, it will be easier.

Last Sunday was the Red Bull Flugtag event- the thing where they build these crazy “flying” machines and launch them off a ramp into the water.  It was a blast! So cool to actually see the event live!

Yesterday, it was the University of Oslo’s 200 year anniversary celebration-  complete with food, drinks, and a band!  After the band, they set up some of the buildings to have a club atmosphere, a lounge for watching football, and various other set-ups.

I’m planning to take at a trip to see Pulpit Rock next weekend with a few girls from my class- an 8 hour train ride to Stavanger, then a ferry with a bus connection to the hostel, which is where the hike actually begins.  If you haven’t seen pictures of Pulpit Rock- google it, because it’s spectacular looking.  I’m very excited to see it in person!

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