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Fall has officially arrived here in Oslo.  The new season was made complete with a small cold I experienced for about a week or so.  Every year, like clockwork, I get a sore throat/runny nose/heavy head.  But, nothing a large amount of sleep and tea can’t fix!

It’s been an eventful past couple of weeks here in Oslo- a few weeks ago there was the Kulturnatt (culture night).  You could visit a lot of the museums and theaters free of charge and get a taste for what Oslo’s culture has to offer.  Speaking of tasting… there was also the Matstrief (food festival) the same weekend where a lot of Norwegian food places came to sample off their goodies.  There was a lot of fish and salami, mmmmhmm.

This past week there was the Elvelangs i fakkellys (River walk by torchlight).  You walked to the city center, following the river in town, stopping to view the various performances the city had organized.  There was ribbon dancers, singing, fire dancers, bell-piano performance, and so much more!  We unfortunately did not make it all the way to the end in time for the concert (but as far as I can gather, not many people did- too much cool stuff to stop and look at along the way!).  The walk was guided by candles along the way- the event was celebrating the autumn equinox.

The past two Sundays I’ve attended the Sunday night concert at Blå.  It’s jazz-fusion-oldies-whatever they feel like playing night.  Usually it’s a club, but on Sunday nights they put on a free performance.  So much fun!  I think this will have to be a Sunday night tradition.

Tonight I plan to go salsa dancing with a girl from my Norwegian course- she apparently is very into salsa dancing, and I have never been, so this will be a great learning experience!

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